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updated 11/26/1984 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/26/1984 AT 01:00 AM EST

TV censors may need to sharpen their scissors this season. In an upcoming episode of Dynasty, Steven Carrington (played by Jack Coleman), who has suppressed his homosexual desires during his marriage to Claudia (Pamela Bell-wood), will become involved with a new character named Luke Fuller (William Campbell). The script calls for the two to share an on-camera kiss, but insiders aren't betting on that scene airing....

And speaking of scissors: Even though actress Sharon (Irreconcilable Differences) Stone is married to Michael Greenburg, the producer of her latest movie, NBC's The Vegas Strip War, that fact didn't save her from shear embarrassment. Network executives were generally dissatisfied with Stone's performance, and most of her scenes were cut. "To all intents and purposes," says one observer, "she's out of the film."

For his planned role as a rock star in Brian (Body Double) DePalma's next movie, Fire, John Travolta may not get to play to a real concert audience. There's talk that DePalma, who directed Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark video, may use footage of screaming fans from the Boss' current tour....

Debra Winger wants to produce and star in a movie about 19th-century writer Isabelle Eberhardt. Regarded as a mystic, Eberhardt lived among the Arab nomads of North Africa, disguised as a man, until her death from drowning at age 27....

Director Mark (The River) Rydell's next project is a screenplay based on Tom Topor's Broadway play Nuts, about the flight of a prostitute who commits murder....

I Dream of Jeannie star Barbara Eden got her first wish: NBC will resurrect Jeannie for a TV movie. The network is hoping that Eden's former co-star Larry Hagman will drop in from Dallas for a cameo appearance.

It pays to have connections; for Josephine Corday, 70, the pay is about $50 a day. Corday, a former vaudeville singer, appears every week as a bag lady in the Cagney & Lacey squad room. It's not because she was born to play the role. She is, however, the mother of Cagney & Lacey's creator, Columbia-TV president Barbara Corday, who is married to the program's executive producer, Barney Rosenzweig. Josephine's salary will be bumped up to $328 for the Dec. 3 episode, when she speaks her first line.

Tess (Tender Mercies) Harper has new respect for network executives. In the upcoming CBS movie Casey and Me, Harper plays the mother of a deaf boy who befriends a gorilla trained in sign language. A good gorilla proved hard to find, so Casey's producer hired C.J. the orangutan, Clint Eastwood's former co-star, then tinted his hair brown and had him wear a gorilla mask. "Fortunately," says Harper, "someone at CBS saw the dailies and insisted that C.J. appear sans mask." Viewers, presumably, will be left with the sort of hybrid scientists only dream of.

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