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originally published 12/24/1984 AT 01:00 AM EST

The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1984

24 Geraldine Ferraro scores the political victory of the year in a losing bid for the Vice-Presidency

28 Bruce Springsteen rocks into the mainstream and wrestles with his role as voice of the people

30 Andrei Gromyko, the Kremlin's wily veteran, brings his skills to yet another conference

32 José Napoleón Duarte, El Salvador's courageous president, gambles his life on peace

34 Mary Lou Retton vaults from the Olympics into a new role as corporate golden girl

41 Richard Gere, undaunted by reviews, blows hotter than ever in The Cotton Club

44 Peter Ueberroth, who orchestrated the L.A. Olympics, finds the two weeks changed his life

48 Joe Kittinger's spirited imagination carried him from POW camp to a transatlantic balloon flight

55 Farrah Fawcett torches her image with The Burning Bed—and an out-of-wedlock pregnancy

56 Clint Eastwood reveals a serious side in Tightrope that may make him an Oscar contender

58 Betty Ford's courage in revealing her addictions inspires famous figures to seek treatment

61 John Malkovich storms both Broadway (Death of a Salesman) and Hollywood (Places in the Heart)

69 Kathleen Turner melts hearts by showing that smarts and sex appeal aren't mutually exclusive

72 Sparky Anderson's Tigers win the World Series and he takes the MVP in baseball wit and wisdom

74 Tina Turner is no rock oldie; with a hot LP and a new coming movie, she's showing new kick

76 William Kennedy's Pulitzer Prize for Ironweed brings lustre to a long-ignored literary star

80 Lee Iacocca tells how he'd turn the U.S. economy around just as he turned Chrysler

82 Vanessa Williams goes from unknown to unfrocked during her reign as Miss America

85 John Torrington, frozen in death for 138 years, offers new evidence concerning an Arctic tragedy

91 White House Chief of Staff James Baker seems to do his boss' aging for him—a Wilde situation

92 Kathleen Morris, the Jordan, Minn. child abuse prosecutor, now has her own legal troubles

97 John Henry, an inspiration to old-timers, wins $2.3 million picking on horses half his age

98 Bill Murray proves he's the one to call if you want to bust ghosts or box-office records

100 Baby Fae, the infant with a transplanted baboon heart, was for many a poignant symbol of hope

102 Michael Jackson, as we may have told you, had a pretty good year on a Victory Tour

Picks & Pans 10
The editors survey the year's newsmakers, from President Reagan to a chicken named "C. Little" and exclaim, "What a year!" Then our critics pick 1984's most admirable—and most disappointing—books, records, movies and TV

Puzzle 104
Trivial Pursuit's Chris Haney creates 50 questions that'll scramble your synapses

Sequels 110
Reopening the 1984 book finds Princess Caroline changing diapers, Ethel Kennedy coping with tragedy and tornado-struck Barneveld rebuilding

Olympians 122
Life goes on for heroes and heroines of Sarajevo and Los Angeles—among them Carl Lewis, Mary Decker and Bill Johnson; some pursue the other kind of gold; others point toward Seoul

Most Intriguing Split 133
After the not-guilty verdict, a storybook marriage collapses, possibly because Cristina De Lorean was more than she seemed—and John less

Forecast: Personalities to Watch 136
Stage: Michael Bennett's Scandal reveals female fantasies about sex. Jocks: Pete Rose hits one for the books. Style: Designers lead a mini-revolution. Arts: Happy Birthday to Handel, Bach and the Boston Pops. Pages: John Irving and Erich Segal pen sagas; Gary Hart tries a pol-boiler. Screen: Dudley Moore is a rebel elf in Santa Claus the Movie and Sir Richard Attenborough takes A Chorus Line to Hollywood. Tube: Liz Taylor is a queen of gossip in Malice in Wonderland. Song: Lone Justice courts stardom and the Blasters hope to lift-off

Spoof 148
Who Killed the Robins Family? capped a trend; our Who Canceled the Merv Griffin Guests? should at last end it

Heroes 158
Those who inspired in 1984 include a martyred priest, a Chicago schoolboy, a Navaho woman, a retired Californian—even an aquatic porker

The Wave 164
Rolling through America's ballparks, a surging phenomenon has fans on their feet

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