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updated 03/11/1985 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/11/1985 AT 01:00 AM EST

Viewers will be seeing considerably less of Philip Michael Thomas in next week's episode of Miami Vice because of an injury he sustained while shooting a scene in a dilapidated Miami building. Thomas, who plays Tubbs on the series, fell on a jagged piece of wood and developed a tetanus infection. Released after seven days in a Coral Gables hospital, Thomas was told to take it easy, but says lightheartedly, "I am a major leaguer. The incident was minor. I've come out slugging."

Jeffrey Jones didn't get an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor as Emperor Joseph II in Amadeus—or did he? In ads for the movie that appeared in the New York Times, Jones was listed as a nominee even though he didn't receive that honor. According to an Amadeus spokesman, it was the ad agency's fault....

Hollywood wives don't have anything on the women of Palm Beach, one of whom is scripting a four-hour CBS movie about Florida's answer to Beverly Hills. The writer is Gregg Dodge, whose husband, the late Horace Dodge Jr., was related to the car. The TV story blends fiction with real events and people (including Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton and her fifth husband, Dominican playboy Porfirio Rubirosa). Says Dodge, "It's about the days when people had their own cooks and laundresses—the days when parties were everything."

M*A*S*H's Mike Farrell stars as a psychologist who plays the clarinet in Private Sessions, an NBC movie airing next week. Portraying a therapist was easy: Farrell is intrigued by the subject and once led group therapy sessions at a halfway house in Los Angeles. The tough part of the role, he says, was playing the clarinet. "One thing I can't stand as an actor is pretending to do something I can't do," says Farrell. So instead of faking it, "I play the clarinet in the show. Terribly."

Too many producers don't spoil an album, according to Melissa Manchester. For her next LP, Mathematics, due in April, she has recruited seven producers—including Giorgio (Flashdance) Moroder and Quincy (Thriller) Jones—to maximize her chances of chart success. "When you have an album with one producer, he'll concentrate on only a few songs that might become singles," says Manchester. "This way, I figure each will put his best foot forward."

John Hillerman, who is Jonathan Quayle Higgins on CBS' Magnum, P.I., will have a dual role on an episode in the guise of Higgins' illegitimate half brother, Don Luis. "He's from a mythical country in South America, posing as a fop a la Zorro," says Hillerman. Sound farfetched? No more so than Hillerman's previous portrayals on the series as Higgins' bastard brothers, rodeo cowboy Elmo Ziller and Irish priest Paddy McGinnis. Explains Hillerman, "During World War Higgins' father slept all over Europe."...

Between takes of their recently released video Seven Spanish Angels, Ray Charles and Willie Nelson passed the time playing chess. So that Nelson wouldn't have the advantage, blind pianist Charles turned off the lights before the game. Says Ray, "Since I play in the dark I thought he could, too." Who won? "He did," says Willie, who wants a rematch. "But next time, we're going to turn the lights on."

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