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originally published 03/11/1985 AT 01:00 AM EST

NOT EXACTLY OZZIE AND HARRIET: Outrageous used to be a word to describe campy showman Peter Allen—but times change quickly. Appearing at the 27th annual Gala for Hope in Miami (a benefit for the National Parkinson Foundation), Allen told the audience: "When Boy George came along, he made me and Bette Midler look like a nice suburban couple."

ON ACTIVE DUTY: For Red Buttons, hoppiness is playing the white rabbit in CBS' Alice in Wonderland. He showed up at a preproduction party wearing a set of rabbit's teeth. Asked how he got the part, he replied: "Typecasting. Obviously, someone found out about my active sex life."

TAKEN FOR A SPIN: Drew Barrymore called Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving, who live together, to see if they'd like to go to dinner. The precocious 10-year-old picked them up and took them to Spago, Hollywood's celebrity bistro. After dinner Spielberg offered to take Drew across the street to Tower Records to buy her an album. After she picked out two, Spielberg reminded her: "I said I'd only buy you one." Replied Drew, "But I picked up dinner."

A CLEAN SWEEP OF THE PAST: Revenge, by any other name, is tacky, but that didn't stop Dee Snider, the bizarre lead singer of Twisted Sister. On a visit to his old high school in Baldwin, Long Island, he spotted a familiar face. "The janitor was a guy I used to work with on the loading dock at Korvette's department store," says Snider. "He was a real company man and he always made fun of me, calling me 'Rock Star' in a real snotty way. I had to walk over to him and scream, 'You're a janitor now!' That was pretty sweet."

SHE HAS OTHER DESIGNS: After two years as a trainee at the high-fashion House of Dior in Paris, Princess Stephanie of Monaco has set aside her hopes of becoming a designer to model somebody else's dresses instead. She left Dior and signed with a fledgling model agency in Paris called First. Her initial job was to pose for the cover of this month's French Vogue magazine. "She'll only be doing prestigious jobs that suit her role as a princess," says agency owner Paul Hagnauer. "She's beginning at the top. She's been photographed enough not to start at the beginning. She's adorable and very pretty. It's not difficult. She's only 20. People have been using her. Now I hope to channel her image and stop all the bad gossip about her." Stay tuned.

SHADES OF DECEPTION: How long can you stand next to Jane Fonda and not recognize her? Brown University under-grad Harry Gottlieb may have set a record. He gave Fonda and her daughter, Vanessa Vadim, a 90-minute tour of the campus without realizing who Mom was until later. Hey, explains Gottlieb, "She was wearing sunglasses."

NOT PUSHED OUT OF SHAPE: Angie Dickinson has risen above the lambasting that Hollywood Wives took from some critics. "If I have to be in something bad," she says, "I hope I always look that good."

GOING OUT ON A LIMO: So, you want to be a star? You could get an agent, hire an acting coach, the whole bit. Or you could be unbelievably lucky, which is how Malcolm Danare did it. Danare, Kevin Dillon's co-star in Heaven Help Us, told the Chicago Sun-Times: "My dad owns a limousine service in Hollywood and one day he was driving along in the limo, and this guy whose car had broken down waved him over. He turned out to be the director of The Lords of Discipline. So my dad said, 'My son's an actor.' Of course, I had never acted." But Franc Roddam, who was preparing to shoot the movie, wasn't worried. Reports Malcolm, "He said, 'Have him come in.' I was cast on the spot."

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST: Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine, who's starring in TV's Airwolf, recently moved from Beverly Hills to the Hollywood Hills with his fifth wife, Tova. He says his new residence offers more privacy: "When we lived in Beverly Hills, the tour buses used to come by packed with people hanging out the windows. I would be out watering the lawn and they would start shouting: 'There's Ernest Borgnine!' And I would shout at them, 'If I was Ernest Borgnine, with all his money, do you think I'd be watering the lawn?' And they would go away soooo disappointed."

WAR OF THE NOSES: Get a whiff of this: Now that Dynasty has marketed a perfume called Forever Krystle, Lorimar, the makers of Dallas, have asked Super Jet Diffusion of France, a perfume company, to develop a cologne for men called Dallas-Southfork. In fact, the flask has been shaped to resemble the entrance to the Ewing family's high-priced spread. The perfumers are busy creating a scent that a Texas wheeler-dealer would wear: "Something subtle but virile and dangerous," says Bernard Becquart, director of Super Jet. "Every woman would like to sleep with J.R."

PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY AND NEIL: Upon winning a humanitarian award from the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation in Los Angeles, playwright Neil Simon mused about why he was chosen: "People sit in a room and the first person they think of is Frank Sinatra and other people say, 'But he does so many charities.' Then someone else asks, 'What about Reagan?' But then someone else says, 'But you see him all the time.' And then invariably they think of Neil Simon and someone says, 'Well, that's great! Maybe he'll bring Garfunkel.' "

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