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updated 03/18/1985 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/18/1985 AT 01:00 AM EST

Tiny Bubbles, in her prime
"Look, I have a waist now," boasts newly svelte Beverly Sills, 55, who has dropped from 215 pounds to 140 during the past eight months. The secret, she says, was simply "eating less"—particularly less butter, bread and red meat. Sills' continuing self-discipline was evident during a taping of PBS' upcoming Gala of Stars, when she kept an open box of cheesecake on her dressing-room table. "It was only for guests," says a friend. "Beverly never touched it."

The lady and the tiger
Although she showed up solo at a bash marking the fifth anniversary of Atlanta's Limelight disco, country tease Tanya Tucker, 26, proved anything but a wallflower. After chatting with fellow singer Grace Jones and arranger Quincy Jones, who had flown in for the party, Tucker borrowed a camera and, in a switch, flashed the paparazzi. For an encore, Tanya, clad in a tiger-print minidress and fishnet panty hose, hiked her skirt and mooned the lensmen.

Am I blue?
Fee, fi, fo, fum, 'tis the duty of every good Englishman—even Prince Charles. Responding to a blood drive, the 36-year-old heir to the throne, who had never before made a donation, signed a standard form stating that he was neither homosexual nor recently tattooed and presented arm at the North London Transfusion Centre. Some time later he emerged relaxed, smiling and down just about a royal pint.

I do, Simionescu
Tennis star Mariana Simionescu, 28, Bjorn Borg's ex, hasn't been sitting home alone stringing rackets. She announced her engagement to Jean-Pierre Marsan, 26, a Monegasque publicist, and soon plans to open a club in Monte Carlo to be called Noroc ("Cheers" in her native Roumanian). Patrons, presumably, will Noroc around the clock.

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