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When his hour-long music video premieres this spring, Mick Jagger will be sneering and jeering in a flashy $30,000 wardrobe created by New York designer Andre Van Pier. At 26, Van Pier is rapidly stitching a name for himself on Seventh Avenue with his clean elegant styling and he boasts a most impressive clientele. Yoko Ono bought one of his spring suits in six different colors, Julio Iglesias ordered a $4,000 cashmere tuxedo, and Mick's former missus, Bianca, purchased a diamond-look halter and silk evening pajamas. Van Pier describes his clothes as "the new American chic." They range from a $100 silk skirt to a $15,000 tunic containing 60,000 crystal beads.

Van Pier grew up in Tiburon, Calif., but he traveled the world with his airline pilot father and his mother, a former stewardess. "Fashion is in my blood," he says. "I was always concerned with people's appearances." His father didn't talk to him for two years after Andre dropped out of business school to design clothes, but he relented when his then 21-year-old son received a $10,000 sweater order from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Today Van Pier runs a $1 million-plus business, taking the Concorde to Europe several times a year for weekend fabric-buying trips. He enjoys a challenge. One of the 40 or so outfits he designed for Jagger in his video is a dress.

Most moviegoers turn away when Arnold Schwarzenegger performs surgery on his own eye in The Terminator. But as the person who sculpted a replica of Schwarzenegger's skull for the grisly scene, makeup man Shane Mahan looks on with delight. (He's watched the footage 12 times.) Mahan is only 21, but he's already an old hand in Hollywood, having worked on films like Star-man and Friday the 13th Part III. "Shane's as good as they come," says Stan Winston, head of the makeup studio where Mahan works.

Mahan has been fooling around with makeup ever since his childhood in Greenville, Mich. He produced, directed, starred in and did the makeup for a high school production of Dracula. After graduating he left for Los Angeles to study makeup at a trade school. A teacher soon recommended him for apprenticeship at Make-Up Effects Labs. He switched to Winston's studio two years ago. His current project is a thriller starring Michael Beck (bust at right).

One of Mahan's most effective makeup jobs took place when he was 13. Shane and a friend slathered themselves with Karo syrup, coffee and red food coloring, stretched out in the leaves by the roadside and moaned as cars went by. Sure enough, a passerby called the police. So you might say Mahan became a makeup man by accident.

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