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updated 04/22/1985 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/22/1985 AT 01:00 AM EST

Alice's adventures in TV land
Brace yourself, Lewis Carroll. Your classic tales Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are being turned into a four-hour, two-part miniseries to be aired on CBS next season. Actress Natalie (Kids Don't Tell) Gregory, 9, will star in a cast heavy with veteran celebs, including Red Buttons (above) as The White Rabbit, Donald O'Connor (below) as The Lory Bird and Telly Savalas (left) as The Cheshire Cat. Alice, who loves ya, baby?

Up in smoke
Eyebrows—and new concern—were raised when Princess Margaret lit up during a TV awards lunch in London. Just three months ago, after an operation that removed part of her left lung, doctors warned her to give up smoking. She's tried, but now Margaret, 54, is back to a pack and a half a day. The Queen, for one, is said to be fuming.

I do, I do
When actor Oliver Reed, 47, announced plans to marry his steady sweetheart, Josephine Burge, 20, a lot of his fans were probably shocked—less because of the age difference than because the diversion-minded Reed seemed finally to be settling down. As it turns out, the wedding will be a blend of the traditional and the boisterous: There will be one bride, but 25 of Reed's friends will serve as best men.

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