Picks and Pans Review: Only Four You

updated 04/29/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/29/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Mary Jane Girls

Unlike Prince, Rick James does not seem to insist that his female musical protégées parade around in their undies. Not that JoJo (Joanne McDuffie), Candi (Candice Ghant), Maxi (Kim Wuletich) and Corvette (Yvette Marine) are overly modest; they don't wear much in the way of clothes either. Theirs are just not all white. Anyway sex is what the Mary Janes are selling. James, who produced, arranged and wrote all the songs on this album, does not stray very far from the message of Wild & Crazy Love: "Baby you've got a sexy body/I think I ought to tell you so/You look so deep and so delicious/I kiss you from your head to toe." The songs are almost all full-id-ahead funkers that prove mainly what a sensuous bass line James can lay down. (He plays drums, keyboards, guitar, bass, sitar and miscellaneous percussion too.) JoJo does most of the lead singing in a nondescript way, so when Candi gets a solo shot on I Betcha, her sly, smoky delivery makes some impact. Maxi talks her way through Leather Queen, sounding about as sexy as Willard Scott doing the weather. And newcomer Corvette, who, to judge by the album photo, must have been given her nickname by virtue of her protruding headlights, gets a chance too on Girlfriend. She's not nearly as soulful as her mother, R&B veteran Patti Brooks. (Gordy)

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