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updated 05/13/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/13/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The go-go music scene in Washington, D.C. is the setting for a low-budget movie called Good To Go, starring Art Garfunkel as a journalist covering the ghetto heartland of the go-go bands. To help simple folk understand the movie and its music, a record company associated with the film has compiled a glossary of current go-go terminology. To wit: If you think go-go refers to cocktail lounge dancers who wear white boots and minis, you're totally bamma—that's go-go talk for someone who is outdated but not aware of it. Go-go music is defined as "full-bodied funk," based on African rhythms with heavy use of cowbells, congas, timbals and brassy horns. Go-go music at its best is raw, bumpin', or hit-tin' an' holdin'. Another example: The drug PCP is called love boat, and the producers—surprise, surprise—say go-goers frown on that sort of thing. The phrase good to go is the ultimate form of approval—but, of course, anybody who doesn't know that is numb to the max.

Ron Smith, whose business is celebrity look-alikes, has been combing the country for those lucky—if that's the right word—souls who resemble rock 'n' roll's outrageous Prince. After auditioning more than 150 hopefuls, Smith plans to award one-year contracts to a dozen finalists, four of whom will make their debut on syndicated TV next week. A sign of the times, notes Smith, is that Michael Jackson look-alikes are now imitating Prince. Even more telling is that one of Smith's top Prince finalists is a girl, Lisa Benjamin, 16, of Atlanta. Says Smith, "She's one of the best Princes I've seen." Or Princesses.

M*A*S*H graduate Sally Kellerman will star in Loverboy, which she describes as "a cross between Heaven Can Wait and Porky's." As Roxanne Dujour, newly deceased porn star, Kellerman is barred from heaven until she performs a good deed on earth—specifically, helping an addled adolescent become a romantic success. Says Kellerman, who gets to dress up as Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Mae West in the movie, "I play a porno star with a heart of gold."...

South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond's daughters, Nancy, 14, and Julie, 11, snagged bit parts in ABC's fall miniseries, North and South. Julie's big line, uttered during a plantation barbecue scene, is "A lady never forgets." Nancy gets to say, "Mother says a real lady never eats anything in public."...

Word is that when the Colbys move to California for a Dynasty spin-off series next fall, Barbara Stanwyck may pop up as the clan's matriarch.

While on a sight-seeing cruise off the coast of Singapore, Michael (Flash-dance) Nouri and former CHiPs star Bruce Penhall tied—and untied—the knot with their respective fiancées, Hollywood agent Vicki Light and airline attendant Laurie McDermott. The yacht's captain and owner, Cary Williams, presided over the informal, impromptu wedding ceremony in which paper towels were used as bridal veils, a bunch of bananas and a feather duster served as bouquets, rings were made from aluminum pull-tabs and a copy of Joan Collins' tell-all autobiography Past Imperfect was substituted for a Bible. But when the boat docked, skipper Williams declared the marriages void, saying the ceremony had been all fun. Michael and Vicki's nuptials have yet to be rescheduled on dry land, but Bruce and Laurie plan to wed in July near San Diego.

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