The Dallas Challenge: the Bobby Ewing Trivia Test

updated 05/13/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/13/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Jason Bonder off, author of The Official Dallas Trivia Book, devised this quiz.

Those answering
40-50 correctly are experts;
30-39, good;
20-29, average.
Below 20: Dynasty fans.

1. What is Bobby's middle name?

2. What three decorative objects does Bobby keep on his desk at Ewing Oil?

3. Mark Graison was Bobby's romantic rival, but who was Mark Harris?

4. What traumatic experience do Bobby, Lucy and John Ross share?

5. What kind of car does Bobby drive?

6. What color is it?

7. What's his license plate?

8. What does Bobby wear when he's sleeping?

9. In what city were Pam and Bobby married?

10. What is Bobby's religious affiliation?

11. Bobby is Christopher's adoptive father. Who were the boy's natural parents?

12. What is Bobby's favorite alcoholic drink?

13. Which member of Bobby's family dated Pam?

14. Bobby is shorter than: a) J.R. b) Ray c) Clayton

15. Was Bobby ever unfaithful to Pam?

16. In 1984 Patrick Duffy suddenly received top billing. Why?

17. Name Bobby's five sisters-in-law.

18. What color are Bobby's eyes?

19. What kind of small business ventures did Bobby buy for Pam and Jenna?

20. What is Bobby's favorite dish?

21. True or false: Kristin had designs on Bobby before she turned to J.R.

22. True or false: J.R. once saved Bobby's life.

23. True or false: Bobby was Pam's second husband.

24. Jimmy the Greek once rated Bobby as a 300-1 long shot. As what?

25. How many times has Pam been pregnant with Bobby's child?

26. Name two rich women who fell for Bobby, but slept with J.R.

27. Whose framed photo adorns Bobby's desk?

28. How many times has Jenna canceled her wedding to Bobby?

29. Whom did Bobby push into the Southfork pool? a) Kristin b) Marilee c) J.R.

30. Who is Bobby's stepbrother?

31. Who found Bobby's body and phoned for help when he was shot?

32. What temporary handicap did Bobby develop as a result of being shot?

33. Aside from Gary, who was the only close family member who never visited Bobby in the hospital?

34. Name Bobby's two secretaries.

35. When Pam and Bobby were newlyweds, she saw something of his that made her laugh. What was it?

36. If Bobby attends his 20-year college reunion, what other Dallas characters is he likely to meet there?

37. What was Bobby's favorite sport in college?

38. Pam once told Bobby that she'd only consider a reconciliation on two conditions. What were they?

39. What Morgan nearly seduced Bobby in the show's early days?

40. Who stopped Bobby and Jenna's wedding?

41. How was Bobby related to Garrison Southworth?

42. True or false: Bobby was best man at J.R.'s remarriage to Sue Ellen.

43. Whom did Amanda Lewis mistake for Bobby?

44. True or false: Bobby has never gotten drunk.

45. Whose death prompted Pam to leave Southfork—and Bobby—forever?

46. With Ray's help, what did Bobby plant in Walt Driscoll's attaché case?

47. True or false: Bobby was Jock's favorite son.

48. What happened on May 18, 1984?

49. In how many episodes of Dallas did Bobby appear?

50. Where was Bobby on the night of Jan. 12, 1981?

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