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updated 05/13/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/13/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Queen Ann returns
Stricken with breast cancer, Ann Jillian underwent a double mastectomy last month. Thirteen days later she was on the set of TV's Alice in Wonderland, portraying the Red Queen and talking frankly about her ordeal. Jillian, 35, admitted being "a little sore—but that's only temporary. It gets better every day." The actress also assured her fans that "I'll be out there plugging along—maybe not bouncing along like I used to, but plugging away."

For Susan Sarandon, that's Amurri
During her pregnancy, Susan Sarandon, saying she had no plans to marry, refused to identify the father-to-be. But Mom and Pop—he turned out to be Italian screenwriter Franco Amurri, 27—were photographed recently strolling in New York's Greenwich Village. The baby is 7 weeks old, but it was only a month ago that the couple picked a name for her, Eva Maria Livia Amurri. The threesome later took off for Italy to introduce Franco's family to their newest relative.

Déjà view
"I had my back turned and I heard that voice and I said, 'My God, it's Lois Lane,' " says Barry Livingston (second from right), the actor who played Ernie on My Three Sons. Barry and (from left) older brother Stanley Livingston (Chip of Sons), Jay North (Dennis the Menace), Noel Neil (Superman's Lane) and Butch Patrick (The Munsters' Eddie) got together in L.A. to tape the pilot episode of Our Time, NBC's variety show for yuppies. Barry figures fans shouldn't have too much trouble identifying the gang because "we're all just inflated versions of our former selves."

On Sunny's side
While their stepfather, Claus von Bülow, 57, stands trial once again for attempting to murder their mother, Prince Alexander von Auersperg, 25, and his sister, Annie-Laurie Kneissl, 26, are dividing their time between the family's Newport, R.I. mansion and Alex's Manhattan apartment, where they took time out to talk of happier times. Sunny von Bülow's children, who have music played at her bedside and stock her hospital room with flowers, say there is no chance she will recover. But, insists Alex, "If there is a miracle, our mother would deserve it." Their seeming calmness notwithstanding, Alex and "Ala" stand in the thick of the controversy as von Bülow's chief accusers. But Claus' legal adviser, Alan Dershowitz, has said, "They are lying through their teeth."

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