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updated 06/10/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/10/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Immobile home
The white cottage was doing what any self-respecting house should do: sitting still. Unfortunately it was doing so in an inappropriate place: U.S. Highway 17 in Wilmington, N.C., where the building had gotten stuck under an overpass while en route to a new site. Hapless drivers remained housebound for about 45 minutes until the movers employed a simple and elegant solution: They let some air out of the truck's tires and rolled on.

Smack the umpire
At the windup of the First Annual White House Tennis Tournament, Tom Selleck didn't have to leap over the net to collect his congratulatory kiss. All he had to do was stroll to the sidelines, where a delighted First Lady was waiting. The Hawaiian Hunk, along with Brooke Shields, umpired the event, which featured such celebs as John Forsythe, Cliff Robertson and Dina Merrill. The day's big winner: the Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse Fund, which netted $450,000.

The honeymooners
With the tweak of a garter, Chris (The Blue Lagoon) Atkins married Aussie model Lynne Barron in Chris' hometown of Rye, N.Y. The newlyweds, both of whom are 24, met while Chris was Down Under last year. Their honeymoon plans? Nothing fancy. "Staying home in L.A. locked up together," grins the ardent groom.

A man divided
The first event in the Warren Beatty Night-on-the-Town Triathlon was the high hurdle over a police barrier. Next came a brisk sprint to the entrance of New York's Shubert Theater, where Joan Rivers, Steve Martin, and Mike Nichols and Elaine May were performing in an AIDS benefit. Afterward Warren race-walked the three blocks to his limo in order to avoid paparazzi—and any chance for a photo finish.

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