What's Hot on the Beach

updated 07/01/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/01/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Remember those simple, carefree days at the seashore when all it took to have a good time was a blanket, baby oil and a beach ball? Alas, such meager accoutrements would never do for today's free-spending material crowd. Before any of the new state-of-the-art beach gadgets float by your attention, here is a potpourri of items guaranteed to keep ocean dwellers down by the sea until the last wave of summer rolls in (listed clockwise, from center of photograph):

Checking out the sun's rays with his micro-electronic Ultraviolet Sensor ($30), this male model lounges atop The Reflecting Suntan Mat ($49.50) under the shade of a couple of funky blow-up palm trees ($70 each). In between sips, he can rest his glass on the inflatable Lifesaver or Ducky coasters ($9.95 each). And when the glass is empty, the large Omnibot robot ($250) can be programmed to carry another refreshing refill to its master. The smaller Verbot robot ($65) can also scoot about and perform simple tasks. A calisthenic-conscious female model times her exercises to her sporty Swatch watch ($30), while several brightly colored Styling Stix ($7) adorn her hair. Behind her lies a decorative $309 three fin Precision surfboard with a $10 Astrohook for making water tricks easier. Anyone who sits under the Solmax umbrella ($79) really has it made in the shade. Capable of cutting out harmful ultraviolet rays, the umbrella allows its user to get a tan with a sun-protection factor of 10. The Sun Tracking swivel chair ($69.95) makes people-watching a breeze while the Solar Powered Ventilated Pith Helmet ($64.50) sports a tiny fan powered by solar cells. Music lovers can bake in the sun to the beat of the Soundwave floating stereo cassette player ($180) that rests on the chair. In the foreground is the amusing if somewhat obnoxiously named Suntumbler Funbrella ($11.95). Advertised as "the brightest idea since Frisbee," the Nitelite football illuminates after dark for midnight jocks. Colorful plastic dinner-ware, ranging in price from $3.25 to $6.75; a high-tech plastic corkscrew ($1.25); and a plastic wine glass with a built-in straw ($5.50) are perfect accessories for the wine, bread and cheese inside the see-through Sidekicks plastic beach bags ($7.95). A compact Headchair ($9.95) rests atop an unsinkable vinyl-coated foam Fun Float ($120). Just before dusk descends, take a last swig from the spherical La Bomba glass ($8.95), put on your trendy white shades ($30), fold up the portable Rohr deck chair and umbrella ($50), stuff it into its small canvas carrying bag and duck into the Portable Cabana ($99.50) for a quick change. Then comes the tricky part—getting it all back home.

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