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Josef Mengele
I survived. Most of my family did not. If Josef Mengele is truly dead, then I'll stop fantasizing how I'm going to torture him. One day of slow torture for my mom, one day for Daddy, one day for my brother, one day for each of my uncles. I'll never stop hating him. I'll never forget. Forty years is just like yesterday to me.
Emily S. Glasser
Decatur, Ga.

I read Marc Berkowitz's story and I was inspired. After the hell he had been put through at the hands of Mengele, Mr. Berkowitz should make every Jew, every Christian and every person be proud that he's in this world of ours, exemplifying the love that each of us must learn and should have. God has blessed him.
Carol Tyman
Auburndale, Mass.

Every so often a writer will come along with the ability to write something so powerful that it takes your breath away. A phrase, a sentence or an article that is so rich with feeling and ripe with description that it leaves you stunned, your spirit shaken and your soul wrenched. Stefan Kanfer is one of those writers. The opening paragragh of The Life and Times of Josef Mengele was genius. It sent a shiver up my spine that's still there.
Patty Baker
Scottsdale, Ariz.

After reading your cover story I am sick. This story must be told, but how dare you grace the cover of your magazine with Mengele's face. The people who were tortured but survived deserved the honor of the cover—not Josef Mengele.
Shauna M. Headley
Monroe, N.Y.

Princess Diana
I had a good laugh when I saw the picture of the Princess of Wales wrestling her skirt against the wind. You quoted London's Mirror as saying, "It would never happen to the Queen. Her designers would have made sure the skirt was weighted with lead." Well, the Mirror better do a little research. On the Queen's tour of New Zealand in 1963, the same thing happened to her. Check the April 27, 1963 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.
Julie Hanby

Right you are. See below—ED.

Ishmael Jaffree
When will the U.S. Supreme Court and government officials quit nit-picking the First Amendment? The world is falling apart and the Supreme Court and the State of Alabama let one agnostic, Ishmael Jaffree, influence their vote regarding prayers in school. When we had prayers in schools, we had a deep patriotic love for our country. How America needs that now!
Louise West
DeRidder, La.

Your story on Ishmael Jaffree and his efforts to stop his children's school from encouraging prayer in the classroom should have focused less on Jaffree's delinquent past and more on his success in stopping Alabama's holier-than-thou school officials. Jaffree had done this country a service in preventing one school from (illegally) indoctrinating young minds; the Christian religion is only one of many paths to God, assuming one elects to follow any religion at all. Schools are for learning and churches are for praying.
Steve Marban
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Gay Mullins
I don't think that Gay Mullins' organization or Coca-Cola addicts or any other group for that matter is going to make the Coca-Cola Company change back to its original formula. Frankly I'd rather drink water than the "new" Coke.
Trina Schewe
West Chester, Ohio

Bravo to Gay Mullins! I know just how he feels. I miss the taste of "The Real Thing" too. Please print Mr. Mullins' address because I want to start petitions in my area.
Cathy Johnson
Saginaw, Mich.

All inquiries may be sent to: Old Cola Drinkers of America, 71 Yesler Way, Seattle, Wash. 91804—ED.

Picks & Pans
I wish to comment on your trashing of the soap opera Santa Barbara. SB manages to reflect some reality in a fantasy world and actually accommodates the mix rather well. Sure there are very few, if any, Capwells and Lockridges in many of our lives, yet these people allow for the expansion of one's imagination. Come on, guys, don't you ever dream? Since the show is relatively young, why don't you give it a chance? Maybe they have lost a good person or two, but that doesn't mean they'll crash. SB still boasts a wonderful cast with a story line for every age, sex and racial group. I disagree with your insults and will continue to schedule my lunch hour to never miss a single episode.
Kim Kelley
Lancaster, Ohio

I must protest your less-than-bubbly review of my favorite soap opera, Capitol! I find the show diverse, generally well acted, sometimes well written and almost always fun. The relatively low realism quotient is half the enjoyment, and nobody expects Ibsen. Some script surgery would admittedly help, but I trust your reviewer has not speeded the patient down the drain.
Alison Davis Tibbitts
San Diego

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