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updated 07/15/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 07/15/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Hiding among the palms
Ah, pity the plight of the paparazzi. Some weeks they go out to take a few innocent photos and wind up with frames full of fingers. Emerging from an L.A. restaurant, funkster Rick James (above, left) managed to screen his face but not his new auburn locks. In London, Wham! singer George Michael played into the hand of his girlfriend, Pat Fernandez. And down in Nashville, Tenn., where he was filming the gang drama At Close Range, actor Sean Penn hid his mug but couldn't escape the long arm of the law: He was charged with assaulting two photographers who tried to snap him with his new fiancée, Madonna.

Very, very odd couple
On the left: a guy named Marilyn, who is Boy George's close personal friend. On the right: heiress and former Symbionese Liberation Army hostage Patty Hearst. The pair met at a New York party for George's 24th birthday. Marilyn wasn't talkative, says Hearst, but at one point "he had on this incredible-looking jacket and everybody wanted it." Shades of Desperately Seeking Susan.

Very, very slow motion
Caustic comedienne-actress Sandra Bernhard, 30—who played a neurotic kidnapper in The King of Comedy—snarled for fans during a party to celebrate the release of her first musical LP, I'm Your Woman. "It's pop but raw and stark," allows Bernhard. The motorcycle, at a New York club, was stationary; the album, she hopes, will move.

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