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originally published 08/05/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Tina Turner
After looking at your cover (PEOPLE, July 15), it's heartwarming to realize that, after all these years, Tina Turner finally has something to smile about.
Mike Blue
Lafayette, La.

Here, here—a toast to Tina Turner! How she ever made such a turnaround and where she got the strength and ambition I'll never know, but roll out the red carpet and bow because that's one lady who deserves it all!
Kelly Andrews
S. Burlington, Vt.

Miss Universe
I was shocked by a comment made by June Wylie in your Miss Universe article. In speaking about former contestants' interest in special education, she said, "Where are they going to find all those retarded kids to teach?" What a completely ignorant comment! In working with the mentally handicapped (a much nicer word than "retarded"), I have found that, sadly enough, these children are everywhere. If this woman would come out of her little world of beauty and perfection, she would realize these children don't have to be "found." These wonderful kids are everywhere, needing not so much our assistance as our acceptance, and it is comments like Miss Wylie's that defeat our purpose.
Janet Lockwood

Best Chests
Best chests! I've seen better chests in a furniture store. How could you leave off Cover Up star Antony Hamilton? Now there's a chest.
Janet Fraser
Warren, Mich.

How could you have overlooked Don Johnson?...
Beth Winger
Jennifer McLaughlin
Patty Snyder
Vicki Mitchell
Polk, Pa.

...Philip Michael Thomas?
Jane Huff
Selinsgrove, Pa.

...Ed Marinaro?
Valerie J. Harris
Utica, Mich.

...Bruce Springsteen?
Kathy Ward
Belleville, N.J.

...Jameson Parker?
Kris Ross
Greenfield, Ind.

...Tom Jones?
Linda Degenhardt
St. Louis

...Burt Reynolds?
Tracy Kuehl
Racine, Wis.

...Olympic gold medalist Mitch Gaylord? Any woman who doesn't get the chills from looking at his chest is probably dead!
Linda Kreisberg
Van Nuys, Calif.

Come on, Simon Le Bon and Alexander Godunov? I'm a size 5 and my chest is larger and more muscular than theirs! Where's Mr. T? Hulk Hogan? And of course, my husband, Dan Dwyer?
Marcia Dwyer
Streamwood, Ill.

What about some of the PEOPLE staff? You must have a few good pecs in your offices around the country. How about letting my wife and me see what some of them have?
Barry and Jessica Brewer
Los Angeles

Some New York staffers volunteered to show their stuff (above)

Mark Devlin
I had such mixed emotions of love and hate reading Mark Devlin's story. Hate for his mother, who allowed this to happen to an 8-year-old, and love for this wonderful man, who through all obstacles made his way in this world. I commend him for the fine human being he is and I pray for his sanity and well-being. God bless you, Mark.
Thelma Ruhm
New York City

Charlton Heston attacks John McEnroe by calling the tennis player " insufferable bore who demeans the game that made him a millionaire." The actor's assessment may or may not be correct, but his holier-than-thou public lambasting of McEnroe makes Heston more insufferable than his victim.
Maureen Maman
Los Angeles

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