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Princess Diana
It seems clear to me that Princess Diana (PEOPLE, July 22) is simply doing what every wife does: cleaning house of interlopers who infringe upon the relationship. Shouldn't we Americans, who abolished the throne, applaud Diana's efforts to innovate, change, revolutionize and update the royal role?
Mary Ann Clarke
Waterville, Ohio

Enough already! If I read one more article on Shy Di, Dumb Di, Poor Di, Willful Di, Lovely Di, Spoiled Di, Mommy Di, Wonderful Di, I'll die, die, die....
Anna S. Miller
Portland, Oreg.

Being an avid reader of your usually outstanding magazine, I was appalled to see the exposé of the Prince and Princess. This kind of literary trash does not belong in PEOPLE. Leave this lovely couple alone so they can get on with raising their family.
John V. McNeil, D.D.S.
Ojai, Calif.

Edmund Perry
After reading your article on Edmund Perry and the circumstances surrounding his tragic death, I am thoroughly convinced that Edmund and his brother, Jonah, are innocent. The evidence is too contradictory. Officer Lee Van Houten's lawyer is telling one story and Dr. Sidney B. Weinberg, the forensic pathologist, is stating medically that the incident could not have happened the way Van Houten says it did. The police insist they have bystanders who saw Jonah running from the scene. Why haven't these "witnesses" been named or gone public themselves? Let's face it, the only two people who know what really happened are Edmund and Van Houten.
Rainey Ransom
La Grange, Ga.

I was really outraged at your coverage of the shooting involving Officer Lee Van Houten and Edmund Perry. The testimony of eyewitnesses and Officer Van Houten's injuries corroborate his account of the events leading to the shooting. His case is further strengthened by Jonah Perry's refusal to testify before a grand jury. (Is there anyone among us who would not testify if a family member were indeed gunned down in cold blood?) It's time we realize that "white" is not synonymous with "guilty" and "black" is not synonymous with "victim." What was trendy rhetoric in the '60s has become built-in public and media policy in the '80s.
Janet Sullivan
New York City

Duran Duran
As a "Dedicated Duranie" for four years now, I really enjoyed your article on my favorite "Wild Boys." After years of critical disclaim as a contrived, teeny-bopper video band, leave it to PEOPLE to let the world know that Duran Duran is nothing to sneeze at! They've shown us together and separately that they can write songs to suit anyone's taste. Because their music and look keep changing with the times, they'll have the world rockin' forever.
Lisa Mendola
New York City

In your article you mentioned that Mr. Le Bon was the "Duran who doles out hugs." Where can I pick up mine?
Danielle Fox

The Kimberlys
My, my, my. Ain't we righteous when we can afford to be. How come Palm Beach "mainstays" are so concerned about the well-being of "Gentleman Jim" Kimberly, hoping he'll be able to "make it through" his third divorce? They should have been concerned about his mental state when, as a 62-year-old, this "Pillar of Palm Beach" married a 19-year-old girl. There's no fool like an old fool.
Katy Greene
Danbury, Conn.

Street Stars
In your article on street performers I saw that you called San Francisco "Frisco." We don't say "New Yuk." Educate your writers to the fact that this is a direct slam to the city where many have left their hearts.
Alison Furth Hawthorne
Oakland, Calif.

Star Tracks
In response to your photo of Phil Collins I would like to set things straight. I was a member of the "party" leaving the restaurant after the final show of Phil's world tour. A photographer came forward and shoved Collins' two children (ages 8 and 12) and his wife, Jill, out of the way in order to get a better shot of Phil. It was because of this intrusion and the chance of injury to his family that Phil responded.
Maureen G. McGillan-Sklar
Pasadena, Calif.

McGillan-Sklar is the wife of Collins' bassist, Leland Sklar.

Archbishop Milingo
I was grateful for Archbishop Milingo's story. It is about time people got to know about the faith-healing powers. My dad almost died of a very severe form of malaria in Uganda a couple of years ago. After not being able to do anything, including walking for five months, and having tried all kinds of medicine, my family turned to somebody with faith-healing powers. In only two days of prayers my dad could walk and couldn't have felt better. So, how do you explain something like that? I don't care what they call it, witchcraft, voodoo or sorcery, it works and it saved my dad's life. I am very grateful for that.
Winnie Sseruma
Hyattsville, Md.

I am furious at the Vatican. Do the church fathers remember that Jesus was an outcast? That he healed folks by laying his hands on them? And they would do well to remember that Jesus threw the money grubbers out of the temple of worship. Archbishop Milingo is a good man doing what he feels is God's work. Shame on the Catholic Church for chastising him.
Nan McKenzie Garrett
Whitefish, Mont.

Brigitte Nielsen
I sure am glad Brigitte Nielsen loves Sly Stallone. After seeing some of Red Sonja, I think that Rocky is about all she's got going for her.
Lawrence Smith

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