updated 08/12/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/12/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

IF HE DID IT FOR TRAVOLTA, HE CAN DO IT FOR ANYONE: In addition to Linda Evans, Lisa Hartman and John Travolta, body builder Dan Isaacson has a new name on his client list: Mickey Mouse. Isaacson put the rodent through his paces at Disneyland for an episode of Good Morning Britain. "Mickey's in excellent shape for 57," says Dan, "but he needs more chest development and a new diet—probably a lot less cheese."

THROUGH THICK AND THIN: Poor Alan Thicke. It was bad enough that his ill-fated TV talk show, Thicke of the Night, had to compete with Johnny Carson. Now, when his new ABC sitcom, Growing Pains, debuts in September, the show will go head-to-head with The A-Team. "One day," jokes Thicke, "I'd like to find myself up against some USFL reruns."

ALSO KNOWN AS A TRIPLE PLAY: Former New York Mets infielder Hubie Brooks, now playing for the Montreal Expos, was asked if he's learned any French in Canada. "A little," he said. Like what? "Like ménage à trois."

A BRUSH WITH FAME: Since appearing in Rambo as a sinister government agent, veteran actor Charles Napier is finally making a name for himself. In fact, he told film critic Roger Ebert, he's achieved an almost miraculous degree of recognition. "I'll tell you how well things are going," said the amateur painter. "An agent just bought one of my watercolors, and he's not even my agent."

WHO SAID ROMANCE IS DEAD? David Hasselhoff says he and Catherine Hickland will re-enact their real-life wedding ceremony on Knight Rider this season. Edward Mulhare will give the bride away, just as he did at the couple's nuptials in 1984. The bride and groom will wear their original outfits. Why such painstaking authenticity? Are they trying to rekindle wonderful memories? Actually, says Hasselhoff, "We figured it's a way to pay for Catherine's dress."

SO THAT'S HOW HE GOT TO INTERVIEW NIXON: David Frost's wife, Lady Carina Fitzalah Howard, is the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk, a Roman Catholic peer known for his conservative views. According to the L.A. Herald-Examiner, Lady Carina was asked if David was also religious. "Yes," she said, "he thinks he's God."

DRY WIT: Robin Williams celebrated his 33rd birthday at the Fifth Annual Comedy Celebration Day in San Francisco, where he proved that advancing age hasn't withered his knack for satire. His spoof of the current celebrity fund raiser craze: "This Food for Africa campaign is wonderful, but who's sending the drinks? Lovey, those people need drinks. Send a case of Campari right away."

JACK AND SWILL: Yeah, he played supergrunge Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple. But even that didn't prepare Jack Klugman for the New York apartment of his actor son, Adam, 22. "He lives in one room and a bath," said Jack after a visit. "There was so much junk that I was there a half hour before I realized he had a motorcycle in the room—buried under the clothes. I told him what a mess the place was, and he said, 'But I cleaned up for you!' "

YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE US, EVENTUALLY: Arthur and Deborah Toga, a St. Louis couple who were among the passengers on TWA's hijacked Flight 847, decided to test the airline's "You're Going to Like Us" marketing claim by applying for a frequent flyer bonus. TWA has cooperated, calculating that the Togas' combined air travel—including the repeated flights between Beirut and Algiers while under the hijackers' control—came to approximately 11,000 miles. "We just wanted the credits," says Deborah. "We're going nowhere for a while."

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