Picks and Pans Review: Trump

updated 08/26/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/26/1985 AT 01:00 AM EDT

by Jerome Tuccille

The life of Donald Trump, the innovative New York real estate magnate, reads like a movie script. At 39, he is a strikingly handsome showman who ten years ago was among the first to exploit Manhattan's then depressed real estate market. He has ridden the boom ever since, spinning himself off into such projects as the United States Football League. This unauthorized biography is compelling reading, not because of the journeyman writing by Tuccille, a part-time brokerage consultant, but because Trump's saga is such a natural tale. Trump is best known for erecting a glitzy, glass tower next to staid Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue. That affrontery alone sent the city's old guard into culture shock. His career is not altogether heroic. In 1981 he was accused by tenants in his building at 100 Central Park South of using such "harassing techniques" as inviting the homeless to live in vacant apartments to encourage residents to leave. (Trump hoped to turn the site into a more lucrative property.) In any case, Trump's genius for doing seemingly impossible deals is undeniable. For those curious about the inside machinations of his peculiar, sometimes glamorous world, this book is ideal. (Donald I. Fine, $17.95)

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