Picks and Pans Review: Under a Raging Moon

updated 11/25/1985 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/25/1985 AT 01:00 AM EST

Roger Daltrey

Daltrey, who sang for The Who for 17 years but hasn't recorded since 1982, says he was inspired to revive his rock career when he attended a Bryan Adams concert. He includes two Adams-Jim Vallance songs (Let Me Down Easy and Rebel) on this LP, so it's probably fair to brand Daltrey's comeback try with an Adams title: Reckless. Daltrey's overly earnest pitch and the limited range of his voice seem ill-suited to his material. There's a watched-pot effect to it: Daltrey seems to be heating up at times but can never quite bring things to a boil. The only exception is the moving tribute to the late Keith Moon, After the Fire, written by Keith's and Roger's talented former Who mate, Pete Townshend. When Daltrey tries to escape his choirboy timbre to croon Fallen Angel, though, it sounds as if he just got up cotton-mouthed from a dentist's chair. Let's hope that Daltrey, having done so little with Adams' inspiration, hasn't seen a Springsteen show: he might be moved to apply his pooped-pop approach to New Jersey rock. (Atlantic)

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