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updated 01/06/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/06/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

Whoopi! They're wed
Ahmad Rashad, 36, and his bride, Phylicia Ayers-Allen, late 30s, marched down the aisle of New York's Cinema I for the premiere of The Color Purple, the Whoopi Goldberg starrer. Also attending but keeping a lower profile was Bill Cosby—who had given the bride away at the intimate Upper West Side wedding two days before—and his wife, Camille. Phylicia's sister, Debbie (Fame) Allen, was matron of honor, and O.J. Simpson was a best man at what Ahmad referred to as their "quarterback sneak" of a ceremony. Because of their TV commitments, the couple, who will make their home in Mount Vernon, N.Y., had to bench honeymoon plans.

The wheel thing
At a skating party marking the 20th anniversary of the Robert F. Kennedy Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Project in Brooklyn, one high-roller seemed to be getting more than his share of attention. "I didn't know you were so famous. What's your name?" a boy asked him. "John Kennedy." "He was one of our presidents!" exclaimed the boy. "I know," said John. "He was my dad."

It's in the Genes
After a Madison Square Garden gig, Kiss bassist Gene Simmons posed contentedly with his girlfriend, ex-centerfold Shannon Tweed, and his mother, Florence. How did Mom (imitating Gene's trademark tongue-out-of-cheek trick) like the show? By way of an answer, Florence produced the wads of cotton with which she had protected her eardrums during the concert.

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