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updated 02/17/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/17/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

After a reported split with Patti D'Arbanville, Miami Vice's Don Johnson was making eyes at a pretty blonde during a Super Bowl Eve party in New Orleans. Johnson sent over his makeup artist, who was doubling as his bodyguard that evening, to ask the woman to dinner. Unknown to Johnson, the blonde was Eleanor Mondale, whose beau, Chicago Bear offensive tackle Keith Van Horne, had already turned in for the night. Eleanor politely refused the invite, saying, "My boyfriend is playing in the game tomorrow, and I have to get all the sleep I can." Undaunted, Johnson approached her himself. Again, Eleanor sweetly declined. "I was flattered but nonetheless previously engaged," she says. "I had my boyfriend on my mind."

Emma (The Colbys) Samms is scotching reports that she's engaged to L.A. catering executive David Corwin, whom she has been dating since last fall. "We're absolutely not engaged," says Samms. "I don't think we've even discussed marriage."...

Former Miss America Tawny Little, who will soon be seen in episodes of Benson and Love, American Style, will certainly bring some experience to the latter show. Little's divorce from her second husband, singer-actor John Schneider, becomes final in March. "Divorce is a terrible thing, but I've got the best divorce in town," contends Little. "It's not easy having a pleasant divorce. There's no fighting, no screaming, no bitterness, so it's hard to realize you're getting a divorce at all." In fact, to wish her well, Schneider recently sent Little two dozen long-stemmed red roses.

Aretha Franklin made hamburger commercials and maintained her R-E-S-P-E-C-T, so now she's doing radio jingles for Dial soap. Others singing the praises of Dial will include Starship's Grace Slick, who'll be living up to her surname, and country crooner Janie Fricke....

First Lady of folk Joan Baez seems headed for a comeback. She's huddling with manager Roger Davies, who doctored Tina Turner's career...After the American Music Awards, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Lionel and Brenda Richie had dinner at L.A.'s Le Dome. Taylor ordered pasta with caviar, the Richies had sea bass and Jackson, who brought his own chef, ate raw vegetables, salad and steamed okra.

British-born Shakespearean actor David Lloyd Austin has Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Sly Stallone to thank for the biggest break in his 33-year showbiz career. Austin, who was Gorbachev's look-alike in Rocky IV, played the same part in a recent Canadian comedy show and will do likewise in an upcoming Japanese variety show. "Rocky IV has opened the door for me," says Austin, 43, who now lives in Vancouver. Noting the high turnover rate at the Kremlin in recent years, Austin adds, "Thank goodness Gorbachev is only 55."

A new TV campaign for Sun Country wine coolers will feature five celebs disguised in polar bear costumes who don't reveal their identities until the end. For those who can't bear the suspense, the celebs are Vincent Price, Michael (Dynasty) Nader, Stephen (St. Elsewhere) Furst, Richard (Night Court) Moll and Donna (Knots Landing) Mills. At the close of her spot, Mills says, "They told me I'd be working in fur, but this is ridiculous."

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