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updated 02/24/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 02/24/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

The Royals tour
The Fleet Street press usually refers to Prince Andrew's frigate, HMS Brazen, as his "love boat." But Andrew, 25, the prince of eligible bachelors, strictly adhered to the role of attentive uncle when Diana, 24, William, 3½, and Andy's rumored fiancée-to-be, Sarah Ferguson, 26 (center), were piped aboard for an informal tour. For wee William, the highlight of the afternoon was an inspection of Andrew's famous Navy helicopter, nicknamed the Brazen Hussy, which he conducted with his mom (below in the co-pilot's seat) and uncle in tow. For London lensmen, the lowlight of the afternoon was Andy's ability to smile at Sarah without getting framed by the cameras.

Skiing Poles
Nobel Peace prizewinner Lech Walesa, 42, took a break from his labors and headed for the snows of Zakopane, Poland, for some solidarity with his family. Hitting the slopes, Walesa tried to keep up with the kids—among them (from left) an unidentified child and sons Bogdan, 15, and Slawek, 13—but it was all downhill from there.

She lapped it up
Eight-and-a-half months after becoming a mom, Olympic gold medal sprinter Evelyn Ashford, 28, was back on the boards. After winning the 55-meter dash indoors at the New Jersey Meadowlands (her first competition in 17 months since she became pregnant), Ashford took her daughter, Raina, along on the victory lap. The pacifier kept post-race interviews to a minimum.

Tress rehearsal
Getting ready for a cameo stint with New York City's American Dance-machine Company, Dick Cavett, 49, needed help with his wig. Thanks to dancer Aja Major, Dick became a stunning lady of the evening and introduced a rendition of Little Old New York.

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