Take One

updated 03/24/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/24/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

In his first film, Dirty Laundry, Olympic track star Carl Lewis plays a Miami vice cop, who, like Philip Michael Thomas' Ricardo Tubbs, doesn't like to mess up his designer duds. But while chasing the movie's star, Leigh (Dallas) McCloskey, Lewis and his Sonny Crockett-like sidekick, Sean Coulter, end up stuck behind a dump truck that buries them under a pile of manure. Lewis, who stayed up all night shooting that scene and lost a 60-yard dash two days later, may be having second thoughts about his movie career. "All that running and all those years of training," Lewis complains, "just to have dung dumped on me." But Olympic diver Greg Louganis, also making his film debut in Laundry, comes out smelling like a rose. He plays a dumb surfer dripping with bikini-clad beauties.

Rob Lowe, who bared his bottom in the film Young-blood, will do it again in Sexual Perversity in Chicago, loosely based on the David Mamet play about the singles scene. Lowe's co-star, Demi Moore, will provide the T to go with his A.... Word is Debra Winger is having a fling with Tim Hut-ton, who's starring in director Alan (Choose Me) Rudolph's next movie, Made in Heaven. But despite reports that Winger would co-star in Heaven, Hutton's leading lady will be Kelly (Witness) McGillis. Winger may do a cameo.

With the market for fitness books seemingly saturated, Loretta Swit may create a new publishing outlet for nimble celebs: She has written No Loose Ends, due out this Christmas, about her favorite hobby, needlepoint.

Robert Urich, of ABC's Spenser: For Hire, will star in the network's controversial Amerika, a 12-hour miniseries about life in the U.S. following a Soviet invasion. The $32 million project is slated for the 1987-88 season, despite a Soviet warning earlier this year that ABC News operations in Moscow may be in jeopardy if the program airs.

Marshal Matt Dillon, Miss Kitty and Festus are back in the saddle. James Arness and Amanda Blake will return to Dodge City in the parts they made famous on Gunsmoke from 1955 to 1975, in a CBS movie next season. Dennis Weaver, who played Chester, won't be returning, but Ken Curtis will be back as Festus. The producers hope to recruit past Gunsmoke guest stars, including Jon Voight, Nick Nolte and Bruce Dern.

In her follow-up to Flash-dance last summer, Jennifer Beals played the Bride in a dreary remake of the Frankenstein spin-off. Now she reportedly is trying out the part in real life. After a love affair with fellow Yale undergraduate Bob Simonds, Beals is said to have wed on Feb. 21 in Upstate New York. Now the plot twist: Simonds, whom Beals had been dating since her first week at Yale, wasn't the groom. The part went to an independent filmmaker named Alexandre Rockwell, whom Beals met only a few weeks ago. According to a spokesman, the couple is planning a honeymoon later in the year, presumably after finals. Asked if she wants to discuss her spur-of-the-moment marriage, Beals, 22, said, simply, "I don't."

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