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updated 03/24/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/24/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

Baby Doc's babes
Despite the intrusion of paparazzi, the Duvalier kids seem to be enjoying their new home on the deposed Haitian dictator's rented four-acre estate near Grasse, France. There are six children in all, two belonging to Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" and wife Michèle, two from Michele's previous marriage and two belonging to her sister. Meanwhile, local police have enlisted a gaggle of geese to patrol the grounds. They honk if you're from Haiti.

The Gambler, Part II
Tia Carrere, who will appear in an episode of The A-Team in late April playing a character also named Tia, may become a regular next season. She is also making plans for an album to be produced by her steady date, 21-year-old Kenny Rogers II.

Pots & pans
At a black-tie March of Dimes cookoff in L.A., Christina De Lorean Thomopoulos, 36, and her husband, United Artists president Tony, 48, turned out a veal-and-spinach-stuffed concoction called crepes da Vinci. Alas, 24 other celebrity chefs were cooking in adjacent kitchenettes, and Christina's crepes didn't take the cake. Top honors went to the creators of South African bobotie, a curried meat and custard dish.

Picket scion
Amy Carter joined more than 100 Brown University students at a rally to protest the school's refusal to sell its stocks in companies doing business in South Africa. Amy, now an 18-year-old freshman, was arrested last year while demonstrating outside the South African Embassy in Washington. That's one way to carry on the Carter human rights policy.

Star and stripes forever
This time it's more like "dancing in the suites" for David Bowie. He plays an evil advertising executive out to corrupt the hero in Absolute Beginners, a musical film about hip culture in London in the '50s. The movie won't be out till April or May, but the title track is already making airwaves in London, thanks in part to a video in which Bowie encounters the zebra-striped temptress model Vanessa Walker in a London back alley.

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