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originally published 04/14/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

George Harrison
I would like to thank you on behalf of George Harrison fans for your cover story (PEOPLE, March 24). We who appreciate all that he has done are not so concerned that he is making movies, or records, or racing cars or gardening. We don't want to see him go through any of the hoopla that has seemingly disillusioned him, but rather just want to know that everything's cool. Thanks for everything, George.
Jeff Mather
Montclair, Calif.

Thank you ever so much for the article on George Harrison. It was great to learn that someone you grew up with is doing well and is happy. But did you have to mar the story with the antics of America's most obnoxious couple, the Penns? I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing about what new stunt Mr. and Mrs. Contemptible have pulled. Maybe the press and their fans should give them what they really want. Let's ignore them and stop going to their movies and buying their records. After all, we are the ones who made them what they are, so we are the ones to take it away from them. They are a poor excuse for an article about a living legend.
Robert L. Sylvester Jr.
River Edge, N.J.

The Band
As a big fan of the rock group the Band, I was saddened to read of the death of pianist Richard Manuel. He was one of the most gifted and talented musicians in rock. Without a doubt, his presence will be missed by the music world.
Scott Stevens
Ashdown, Ark.

Jon Voight
Many, many thanks for your article on Jon Voight. From Midnight Cowboy to Runaway Train I have always laid my money down in the theaters with a super self-assurance that I would get more than my money's worth, and the man has yet to fail me. To me a Jon Voight movie is a sure winner just as Voight himself is. Let's not wait until he goes the way of John Wayne before we recognize a great Hollywood talent.
Chuck Malinowski
Kokomo, Ind.

Beryl Levine
I am doubly grateful to PEOPLE for its excellent article on North Dakota's first woman State Supreme Court Justice, Beryl Levine. As a middle-aged mother of two who suffers bouts of frustration, I found Levine's story encouraging. Greatness is still within my grasp! More important, your magazine educated me on one of my state's leading women. Before reading your story, I don't think I could have correctly identified our first woman justice.
Carol A. Dilse
Scranton, N.Dak.

Wet Vest
I enjoyed your article on Glenn McWaters and his Wet Vest. Where can I buy one?
Judie Golde
Newhall, Calif.

Write to 5047 Shelby Drive, Birmingham, Ala. 35243.—ED.

Picks & Pans
Congratulations to Jeff Jarvis for knocking down The Golden Girls because of their preoccupation with sex. The concept of older women not being ready to pack it in and retire from life is a good one, but the show strips women of dignity and self-respect. Its constant put-downs and the abrasive Estelle Getty as the mother, who comes off not as spirited but mean-spirited, are the ultimate in bad taste. Three of us, grandmother, mother and daughter (ages 94, 55 and 18) cannot watch the show without embarrassment. We've stopped tuning in and just wish Cosby were on that night, too.
Elizabeth Ferguson
Portola Valley, Calif.

Why on earth does Jeff Jarvis think The Golden Girls is in the Top 10? Because of the sexual undercurrent! That show and Moonlighting axe the only ones that have me rolling on the floor with laughter. Golden Girls, don't change a thing. I love ya!
Melodie Pavlis
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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