Picks and Pans Review: Break the Silence

updated 04/21/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 04/21/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

The Triplets

These are enigmatic times in pop music. Baltimora is from Ireland. The Violent Femmes are men. The Statler Brothers are neither Statlers nor brothers. The Thompson Twins are neither Thompsons nor twins and there are three of them. Not only are there three Triplets however. They really are triplets, Diana, Sylvia and Vicky Villegas, 23, who were born in Mexico but now live in New York. They're another MTV product, having won a "Basement Tapes" video competition that led to this ER It was produced by Chic alumnus Bernard Edwards, whose own bass adds some funk even though his tendency is to smooth out the rough spots that might have given the Triplets more personality. The three women take turns singing lead. Sylvia sounds the grittiest, Diana and Vicky more tuneful but distant. They co-wrote most of their own songs, which are serviceable rock, not much more sophisticated than such titles as Boys would suggest. While the Triplets have at least established a position among the tough cookie rockers, this album doesn't give a very clear idea of their future. (Elektra)

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