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originally published 04/28/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Sarah Ferguson
Thank you so much for your article on Prince Andrew's fiancée, Sarah Ferguson (PEOPLE, April 7). In a world with its constant problems, how wonderful to read about romance! I'm so glad Andrew has finally found someone with whom he can share his life. I wish them much happiness.
Vernalea Parks
Gadsden, Ala.

"Sarah is a descendant of King Charles II and his mistress Lucy family background is much more important, and Sarah's is unimpeachable." I love the English!
J. Ryskamp
Caledonia, Mich.

I have to congratulate Sarah Ferguson on landing Prince Andrew. I am glad to see he picked a chunky, freckle-faced, real woman instead of a glossy, Hollywoodish girl. I still have not met my prince in shining armor, but Fergie gives me and all my friends lots of hope.
Lisa Wiegner
Beverly Hills

A woman with a "past" is okay for Prince Andrew? Maybe Di runs the show more than we know. How can Queen Elizabeth allow this after all the fuss made over Princess Margaret's various liaisons? It will be the frosting on the wedding cake if Sarah's mother embarrasses the Queen by bringing her husband to the ceremony.
Donna Hyatt
Shakopee, Minn.

Celebrity Shortage
I never thought you, PEOPLE, would waste my time and your precious space on such crap. Instead of writing about the need for more celebrities, why don't you write about struggling "stars" who haven't made it, giving them the recognition they need to become successes. Maybe this would help our tragic "crisis."
Alanna Ratliff
Canton, Mich.

There is no reason that citizens of this great land of ours should be faced with another crisis. Your article on the tragic celebrity shortage made me realize I can no longer deny my fate. Therefore, I have decided to volunteer my services as the next great American celebrity. Since you were the only magazine with enough guts to break this story, it is only fair you should be the one to break my story. PEOPLE, I await your call.
David F. LaBate
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

My hat's off to Richard Grayson and Fred Bernstein for writing this wonderful piece of humor and to PEOPLE for publishing it. Please let's have some more of this heartwarming satire!
Phyllis Diller
Los Angeles

I applaud the citizens of Chester, Nebr. for their genuine love and concern for the little boy who was abandoned. As the mother of an 11-year-old boy, my heart broke as I read the PEOPLE article. Whether or not the child's death is actually solved, it somehow comforts me to know that some individuals cared enough to provide the boy with a proper farewell and final resting place, to see him out of this life and into another. I somehow feel as though "Matthew" is somewhere looking down on Chester and feeling the love and respect that he most likely never felt in his brief life here on earth.
Joan O. Gifford
Gainesville, Fla.

Sir Alec Guinness
Thank you for a delightful look into a most unique and fascinating gentleman. Sir Alec Guinness has not only shared his magic and charm for so many quality decades from the stage and screen to give us some of the most memorable moments in theater, but he continues to share with us a keen insight on life and human nature with wit, wisdom and awareness. He is an international treasure!
Marvin M. Sigel

Father Charlie Curran
Charles E. Curran does not deserve the title of priest, father or reverend. In all his intricate, detailed interpretations of the Catholic Church's teachings, he seems to have overlooked the vows he took as he entered the priesthood—poverty, chastity and, above all, obedience to the Church and the Pope. Why doesn't he do the Catholics a favor and leave? For every one who supports him, there are 10 who want him out.
Kristine Otto Schmutte
Herndon, Va.

Father Charlie Curran not a legitimate Catholic theologian? On the contrary, he is one of the most Christian and realistic to emerge in ages. He represents the sentiments of thousands of Catholics such as myself who want to see the Church survive and grow.
Patti Mengers

Imelda Marcos
Being a woman whose family gave her a sweatshirt that reads "Shop Till U Drop," and who has a fetish for shoes, my understanding of Imelda was beyond the norm. But the black-bra business really tears it. For the past 10 months I have been trying to purchase a new 34-B black bra, without success. The standard saleslady's reply is always, "They go out of the store just as fast as we unpack them!" Now I know where "they" have gone. So, when Congressman Stephen Solarz finishes counting, maybe he could forward some of those bras to the Columbus area. (I wear an 8½ shoe also, but I think that would be pushing it.)
Lynda R. Frederick
Dublin, Ohio

Well, at least Mrs. Marcos has made a significant contribution to our lexicon. To call something "imeldific" would describe it as a shameless and vulgar extravagance.
Carlos Lopez
Monterey Park, Calif.

Thanks for the article on Imelda Marcos. The next time my husband complains about my spending habits, I'll show him the article.
Sue Figenshu
Downingtown, Pa.

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