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updated 05/05/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/05/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Playing one Crockett is enough for Miami Vice's Don Johnson, who has turned down the part of frontier hero Davy Crockett in NBC's movie 13 Days to Glory, about the battle of the Alamo. Word is that Johnson wanted to direct, but the producers balked. Might Don be getting too big for his buckskins? Anyhow Johnson will be heard but not seen (sorry, ladies) in an animated release, G.I. Joe: The Movie, when he does the voice-over for a feisty U.S. Army sharpshooter.

Newlywed Debra Winger cut most of her hair off for a cameo appearance as God (obviously Don Johnson wasn't available) in hubby Timothy Hutton's feature, Made in Heaven. The producers of her next movie, Black Widow, which starts shooting this week, are hardly pleased with this not-so-divine intervention....

Speaking of changes at the top, Matt Dillon will have a new look in Native Son, co-starring Elizabeth McGovern. For his role as a young Communist rebel, Dillon wears granny glasses and has tinted his hair red.

Bess Armstrong is hoping that All Is Forgiven by the producers of that NBC sitcom, which co-stars Carol Kane and Terence Knox. Bess wed Columbia Pictures' exec John Fiedler on April 12 and is five months pregnant. If the show is given the nod for next season, Armstrong's career-minded character will likely need a maternal make-over.

The folks who paired Grace Jones and rocker Adam Ant to peddle Honda Scooters two years ago have hired Chicago Bears free-spirited quarterback Jim McMahon, comedienne Sandra Bernhard and jazz great Miles Davis for TV spots that begin airing May 16. In addition to their fees, all three will receive Scooters, which makes Bernhard apprehensive. Says Sandra: "I used training wheels on my bicycle until I was 12, so I'm not sure I will be able to handle this."

The answers to eternal questions in the '60s were "blowin' in the wind," according to folk sage Bob Dylan. Now they're on a $20 floppy disk to be released this summer by the Ohio-based Thunderstone Corp., which has compiled many of Dylan's lyrics and interviews. Punch a question into your computer and within 10 seconds you'll have a Dylanized reply. When computer "Bob" was recently asked about the U.S. bombing of Libya, the response was from Dylan's song Masters of War: "How much do I know/ To talk out of turn/ You might say I'm unlearned/ But there's one thing I know/ Though I'm younger than you/ Even Jesus would never/ Forgive what you do." The company hopes to add those wise statesmen Mick Jagger, Woody Allen and John Lennon to its diskography.

Wayne Newton, who plays a Confederate major in this week's ABC miniseries, North and South, Book II, claims to be a direct descendant of Powhatan Indian princess Pocahontas. Newton wants her remains returned from England to her native Jamestown, Va. How? It seems that Pocahontas died while visiting Britain and was buried there in 1617. Newton has already met with an aide to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and asked for approval to bring his relative home. "I'm treading very carefully," says Newton, who is optimistic about his proposal. "I don't want to ruffle any feathers."

In the new film Nobody's Fool, Rosanna Arquette plays a bar waitress with a nasty boss named Mr. Fry. But off-camera there's no rancor between them: Fry is portrayed by Rosanna's actor-director dad, Lewis. In their final scene together, when Fry threatens to keep her paycheck, Rosanna retorts, "You keep it, Mr. Fry. Keep it right up your butt." Jokes Dad, "I had no problems with that line. During her teenage years, she talked to me that way many times."

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