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originally published 06/09/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The Poll
How nice it is to read about a star (PEOPLE, May 19) who is so unspoiled by her success, who appreciates and respects her own talent and is not driven to excesses like so many of her peers. Whitney Houston, you're beautiful!
E.C. Premo
North Hampton, N.H.

We can name them: Randy Owen, Mark Herndon, Teddy Gentry and Jeff Cook. Together they are Alabama, and they are indeed the best group around. Separately they are all very nice people. We're proud to say we're big fans of all four.
Kathy Leimbach
Rose D'Eccliss

I don't know who you asked, but you didn't ask me. My choice, and favorite, is Michael Jackson.
Jonathan Grayson
Clifton, N.J.

Most impressive was Favorite Female Vocalist being Barbra Streisand. Quality lasts, as noted here. My congratulations to the people polled for their good taste, and congratulations to Ms. Streisand for her quality that lasts and lasts.
Diane Turner
Nauvoo, Ala.

Readers voted Tom Selleck first in the category of actor with whom they would most like to play a love scene. They voted him second in the Favorite Male Television Star category. In each case, Don Johnson finished behind Tom. So why two pictures of the bridesmaid and none of the bride?
Bernadette J. Pratl
Evergreen Park, Ill.

See page 68 for Hawaii's top vice, Tom Selleck.—ED.

Come on, America. Five percent for Rue McClanahan? Without Blanche, the perpetual man-crazed Southern belle, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia would become pretty boring, no matter how many outrageous one-liners Estelle Getty gets. They're the best television ensemble in years, and you can't have one without the other.
Jay Rice

Patrick Duffy
Bringing back Bobby Ewing to Dallas is not only ludicrous but a complete insult to the intelligence of all its longtime followers. The only redeeming result for them might be an Emmy next year in the category of New Comedy Series.
N.A. Bellis
Gladstone, Mo.

Can't say I blame Patrick Duffy. For $75,000 per episode, I'd return from the dead, too!
Adeline E. Cohen
St. Paul

Don Featherstone
I was greatly amused by your article on Don Featherstone and his pink flamingos. However, I, and I'm sure other Canadians as well, felt slightly left out. These symbols of suburbia are not only prevalent in the United States but Canada as well. As many as 16 years ago, my parents raised a pair (plastic, of course) that lived on our lawn until neighborhood brats stole them. In fact, for several years now, one of the suburbs of our city, an area called Transcona, has been dubbed "Land of the Pink Flamingos" many times by our local media. These birds are not only alive and well, they're migrating! Want them back?
Donna L. Harris
Winnipeg, Man.

Picks & Pans
Sorry, folks, but Liza in London was definitely an A-plus! Your critic apparently is burned out and needs a long vacation. Liza's rangy and soulful performance plus the constant shouts of "bravo" and numerous standing ovations from thousands of very excited people clearly showed that this was another great Minnelli tour de force. Come on, let's tell it like it is.
Bradley Briggs
Toluca Lake, Calif.

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