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updated 06/09/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/09/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Those beloved cliff-hangers—earthquakes, plane crashes, vicious takeovers, even resurrection—are history now, just like some of the stars. So here's an update on who's in, out and arriving for next season: On Dallas, John Beck and Barbara Carrera are out; Jennilee Harrison and Linda Gray cheat death and return, along with Dack Rambo and series newcomer Steve Forrest. If you're still pondering Patrick Duffy's comeback, get this: Morgan Brittany, the woman who ran over Bobby, may also be brought back to life. Nothing is definite, but she is talking with producers about a return. The Colbys' Miss Barbara Stanwyck hasn't decided if she'll be back. Dynasty's Pamela Bellwood doesn't survive a fire, but Kate O'Mara, Christopher Cazenove and Catherine Oxenberg return. Morgan Fairchild and Simon MacCorkindale have said their bye-byes to Falcon Crest, while Kim Novak will turn up as a foil to Jane Wyman. Robert Foxworth will be on hand, too. Knots Landing's Michele Lee and Doug Sheehan return. Other TV casting casualties include: Hotel's Shea Farrell, The Colbys' Joseph Campanella and The Facts of Life's Charlotte Rae.

An unlikely defender of Johnny Carson in his brouhaha with Joan Rivers is Johnny's second wife (1963-1972), Joanne Carson. She says Joan knew Johnny better than she is letting on (PEOPLE, May 26). "The weekend Johnny and I separated, we had planned to go away with Edgar and Joan," says Joanne. "When I told Joan about the separation, I said I hoped it wouldn't hurt our friendship. She told me that her career came first and that it was important for her to stick close to Johnny. She dropped me." Adds Joanne: "We saw Joan and Edgar all the time. When Melissa was born, Johnny sent her monogrammed diapers with sterling silver pins. Joan was there for Johnny's intimate birthday parties. We were very close. Joan has a very convenient memory."

Prince's latest protégée is Ohio-born singer Jill Jones, who had a brief part in Purple Rain. Prince is helping her cut a debut album, which he'll finish as soon as his feature, Under the Cherry Moon, wraps. A member of the Prince entourage sizes Jill up this way: "She's more musically talented than Vanity or Apollonia.... But she doesn't wear as much lingerie as they do." Few do.

Marlon Brando's son Christian Devi Brando, 28, and his wife, actress Mary McKenna Brando, 27, have served each other with divorce papers. Mary claims she split with her hubby, a welding teacher/ actor, because of his infidelities. "It's just too embarrassing," says Mrs. Brando, who attempted unsuccessfully to salvage the union: "Try to tell a Brando to go to a marriage counselor, and he'll laugh in your face."

Tom Cruise has denied romances with Kelly McGillis, Lori (Footloose) Singer and Cher. But while chatting with a reporter, he referred to his "girlfriend, Mimi." Mimi turns out to be Mimi (Paper Dolls) Rogers, whose dates have included Tom Selleck, Ed (Hill St. Blues) Marinaro and Kennedy kin Bobby Shriver.

Stacy Keach and Polish actress Malgosia Tomassi will marry June 22 in L.A., then head to Hawaii for honeymoon games. They met when she appeared on a Mike Hammer episode....

Changing shrinks: Heather (Fall Guy) Thomas is divorcing psychotherapist Allan Rosenthal after nine months....

It's another girl—Arrin Shea, as in Stadium—for golf superstar Nancy Lopez and Ray Knight of the New York Mets.

Everybody was expecting ego fireworks when Oscar winners Diane Keaton, Jessica Lange and Sissy Spacek arrived last month in Southport, N.C. (pop. 3,500) to shoot Beth Henley's Crimes of the Heart. As it turns out, the ladies (Sissy brought daughter Schuyler, Jessica came with Sam Shepard and her tots, Alexandra and Hannah) behaved wonderfully; it was the townspeople who did the beefing. It seems that the local grocery store—which happens to be a major hangout—had to be closed for two days of shooting, forcing residents to wait 48 hours for their hot gossip fixes.

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