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originally published 06/09/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

NO BOX-OFFICE BUFFO: Gina Lollobrigida is suing Novella 2000, an Italian magazine that published what it claims is a nude photo of Gina taken in 1948. "I've never undressed in front of a lens, never, never," she told Rome's La Repubblica newspaper. "I can't be mixed up with those little whores that undress at any moment. My father and mother would only allow me to see the films of Shirley Temple."

BESIDES, THEY HAVE BETTER LINES: Christie Hefner, daughter of Playboy founder Hugh and president of his multimillion-dollar empire, was among the celebrities roasted at a benefit in Chicago for the American Civil Liberties Union. It was the Illinois division of the ACLU that defended the legal right of American Nazis to parade in suburban Skokie, Ill. in 1977. When Hefner got her turn to speak, she cracked, "I figure I was invited because a well-dressed pornographer is slightly more acceptable than a slovenly Nazi."

NOW HE TELLS US: Grant Tinker, who says he's planning "an orderly exit" as chairman of NBC, addressed more than 1,000 members of the Hollywood Radio and Television Society recently at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and sought to establish his place in the entertainment business. "Early on," he said, "I wasn't a very important factor, although I felt I contributed more than my salary level would indicate. Now it's the other way around."

DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY, HE'S JUST TIRED: Susannah York and Peter O'Toole, appearing on the London stage together in The Apple Cart, don't appear to be hitting it off too well. York explained the problem in the London Daily Mail: "Onstage, Peter lay back and closed his eyes just as I was about to make a speech. I was utterly enraged. I forced his eyes open and screamed the speech in his face. Another time, he closed his eyes and opened his mouth as if he was about to snore. I was so furious I went over and poured a glass of champagne straight into his mouth " Maybe that's why it's called sparkling repartee

THE LIGHT'S ON BUT NOBODY'S HOME: In his new autobiography Is That It?, just published in Britain, Bob Geldof tells of his backstage meeting with the Prince and Princess of Wales prior to the Live Aid concert last summer. Showing the pair around for the sake of a TV camera crew, Geldof took Charles and Diana into a room to look at a map of Africa. Writes Geldof: "A kid said to the Princess, 'Your head's much bigger than it looks on the telly.' 'Don't worry,' she responded, laughing. There's nothing in it.' "

JUST CALL HIM MAGNUM, DH: Tom Selleck, who lives and dies for his hometown Detroit Tigers, got to fulfill a lifelong dream when the team let him take batting practice two hours before a game last week against the Oakland A's in Tiger Stadium. "Before I got too old, I wanted to see if I could do it," said Selleck, who played college baseball in California. He could, slamming two homers. "For an old guy I was okay. I'm 41 and I can still reach the seats. This is big time. It was a thrill for me. This is better than dinner with the President "

AND NEVER SPILLED A DROP: If Dean Martin really drank as much as everyone (including Dean) says he did, his liver would look like downtown Beirut by now. Nevertheless, the jokes continue. At a recent Friars Club roast in New York honoring Roger Moore, emcee Frank Sinatra put Dino's drinking in a geopolitical context. Noted Or Blue Eyes: "Dean Martin has drunk champagne out of every one of Imelda Marcos' shoes."

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