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originally published 06/16/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Joan Rivers
Who do the executives at Carson Productions and NBC think they are (PEOPLE, May 26)? Joan Rivers has shown loyalty to NBC and Carson for years and is being treated unfairly. I always thought Johnny Carson was an understanding, down-to-earth guy who would be a true friend. However my opinion has changed. Mr. Carson cannot be much of a friend (or man, for that matter) if he won't even talk to Miss Rivers and listen to her side of the story.
Debby Lambert
Emmett, Mich.

What else is there to say to both Johnny and NBC but "Oh, grow up!"?
Marilynne Giguere
Davison, Mich.

I can't understand why Johnny Carson is so upset with Joan Rivers. What did she do that is so terrible? Look out for herself? I thought that was what Johnny had been doing for years. Bravo to Joan for grabbing the brass ring.
Beth Banko
Kincaid, Ill.

Joan doesn't need to weep, feel guilty or apologize to any egotistical star or nonstar for being offered her own talk show and accepting it. Don't let him get you down, Joan. Ignore him and go for it!
Lori Gardner
Maryville, Tenn.

Joan Rivers says of Johnny Carson, "He handed me my career." So if she had any intention of doing what "is right," she would never pit the career he handed her against his career. Now she makes this grandstand play for public approval and even sympathy. The dirty trick she pulled doesn't rate public approval and, fair is fair, neither does she.
Thea Winter
New York City

I don't see why Joan is so upset. Johnny dumps wives at the drop of a hat. Why shouldn't he do the same to a loyal friend? After all, he doesn't even have to pay her alimony.
Elizabeth Behm
Westville, Ind.

Would Johnny Carson have given up a chance at a network show 21 years ago? Obviously not.
Deirdré Murphy
Stone Mountain, Ga.

Oh, gimme a break. As far as I can see, Joan Rivers is nothing but an insulting, egotistical backstabber. Her vicious tongue has done nothing but make me cringe. Loyalty to Johnny? He seems to know the meaning of the word; she doesn't.
Camille C. Mancuso

It's about time NBC realizes how many of us don't watch The Tonight Show just for Johnny Carson. I shall be glad to switch channels for Joan. It's about time we got some decent late-night entertainment.
Angie G. Landers
San Diego

Neil Diamond
Thank you for your article on Neil Diamond. At 45 he is the best he's ever been. Neil doesn't have to worry about finding that perfect chord, that perfect lyric, that perfect performance. As far as I'm concerned, it's there every time he sings.
Patricia Carlino
East Haven, Conn.

Although I admit to belonging to that "enduring, though aging body of fans" who adore Neil Diamond, I refuse to believe that The Jazz Singer was "an all around disaster." I may be aging, but I'm not so old that I haven't loved this movie every time I've seen it, and I would love to see it again. Actually I intend to be around quite a few more years before I totter off to the geriatric ward and hope that Neil Diamond will be there to provide his kind of great entertainment.
Sue Cobble
Jefferson City, Mo.

I and many others waited in line six hours to get tickets to Neil Diamond's upcoming Denver tour. Please let him know that his tours have not lost their charm for us.
Lynne Voloshen
Westminister, Colo.

Sarah Ferguson
So the press would rather have Fergie borrow Princess Di's diet secrets than her clothes? Fergie is a beautiful, healthy girl with bountiful hair and a spontaneous smile. How sad that soon Buckingham Palace and the press will transform poor Sarah into a well-controlled, coiffed, emaciated Di clone who will swoon in public. It is no wonder that eating disorders like anorexia nervosa have become epidemic when a lovely young woman can be internationally lambasted for being a size 12.
Gina M. Hennon
New Castle, Pa.

Why do I get the feeling Heather Locklear and Tommy Lee, with all their immaturity and irresponsibility, have more going for them than Madonna and what's-his-name?
M. Valentine
Farmington, N.Mex.

Ever since it was announced that Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear would be married, my friends and I have been arguing about who's luckier, Heather or Tommy. (I think it is Heather.) I admit that at first I was extremely jealous of the bride-to-be, but after reading your article on their beautiful wedding, I realize that Tommy really loves her, and I'm very happy for him. I'm glad they found each other, and I wish them all the best. (I'm still a little jealous though!)
Jamie Abramoff
El Monte, Calif.

Michael Neill refers to "all the long-suffering Manilow fans...." For the record, we who appreciate the talent of Barry Manilow are not suffering. We know what we've got, and we're happy. How about laying off?
Margaret L. Andrews
Liberty, N.C.

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