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updated 06/16/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/16/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Birthday bopper
It seems like only yesterday that she celebrated her 20th with a birthday blowout at Chippendales, a ladies-only male strip club. But turning 21 is always special, so this year Brooke Shields eschewed half-naked men for a more dignified approach to adulthood: The Princeton princess boogied the night away at the Palladium, where she was later serenaded by her beau, David Sawyer, and his Princeton Tiger-tone chums.

Misplaced paint stripper?
Rubberneckers on the Charleston Highway in Columbia, S.C. are getting a double dose of advertising exposure that's turning into a roadside distraction. The undressed-for-success billboard touting a local car dealership also displays a mannequin (frequently mistaken for an overheated human hard hat) caught with his pants down. Says Sherri Derrick of Loves Chevrolet: "Some people have raised Cain, claiming that the ads will make people drive off the road. All we know is that they sure have caused a fuss."

Simians redux
It may not have been as awesome a reunion as, say, Led Zeppelin at Live Aid, but yes, the Monkees, those made-for-TV rockers of the late '60s, are together again. Prior to starting their first concert tour in 18 years, the aging but still cute band members—Davy Jones, 40, Peter Tork, 44, and Mickey Dolenz, 41—partied in New York. Jones's daughter, Jessica, 4, was forced to fill in for missing Monkee Mike Nesmith, 43, who, says the promoter, "doesn't want to have much to do with the Monkees." Nothing personal.

Separate but happy
A continent, a divorce decree—and worlds—apart, the De Loreans are behaving pretty much like ordinary folks. John, 61, has been squiring gorgeous model Coco Mitchell around Manhattan, jokingly introducing her as his new wife. Meanwhile, out West his very pregnant ex, Cristina, 36, now married to United Artists president Tony Thomopoulos, 48, stepped out for a party at the Hollywood Palladium. Cristina, a TV talk show co-host, is now, according to a friend, "hosting for two." The baby is due in December.

Simon says face the cameras
Though normally shy about letting her kids be photographed, Carly Simon relented when she arrived at Manhattan's Hard Rock Cafe for a party with son Ben, 9, and daughter Sally, 12, a mom look-alike. (Dad is singer and ex-hubby James Taylor.) The kids did some stargazing of their own before splitting early to make their bedtime. Notes Carly of celebrity motherhood: "It's extremely difficult. I'm always running interference for them."

Tony's thankaholics
Bernadette Peters and Lily Tomlin could scarcely contain their jubilation onstage at the Minskoff Theater when they won Tonys in their respective Broadway categories. So instead of taking it all in stride and acting cool, the talented twosome clinched and shared a hearty last laugh. But that happened only after a competitive gratitude-expressing binge, which Tomlin won by saluting the head usher in her acceptance speech. "I'm going to get them all in," she declared, "because I live with them every night."

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