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updated 06/23/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/23/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Tri-Star Pictures isn't commenting on Hollywood buzz that Griffin O'Neal has been dropped from Francis Coppola's Gardens of Stone following the Memorial weekend boating accident that killed Coppola's son Gian Carlo, 23, and slightly injured O'Neal. O'Neal, 21, who has a small part in the movie, was, according to an eyewitness, driving the 14-foot craft, contrary to an early police statement. Rumors quickly spread that O'Neal wouldn't return, but according to a source who knows the actor, "Griffin expects to be back on the set in about two or three weeks." Coppola has continued filming "as a way to work through his grief," according to the movie's publicist. After the accident, the mood around the set had become tense, however, "and was getting worse," says the source close to O'Neal. "Griff's lawyer was telling him he better disappear for somewhere." O'Neal went to L.A., where he has been seen around town in good spirits.

Italian TV actress Lory Del Santo, 27, is saying that British rocker Eric Clapton is the father of her baby, which is due in mid-August. Clapton, 41, is married to Patti Boyd, first wife of ex-Beatle George Harrison. Del Santo's claim is news to Clapton's manager Roger Forrester, who says he has never heard of Del Santo, and that "Eric and Patti are still very much together." Del Santo says she plans to join Clapton in London, where the baby will be born.

Michael Jackson, who signed a $300,000-plus deal in January 1984 with Doubleday to write his life story, is being prodded—again—by his editor, Jacqueline Onassis, to get going. There is some talk that the project is beyond resuscitation, but the official line at Doubleday is: "The book is still in the works. Mrs. Onassis hasn't set a publication date yet." Meanwhile, Jackson is said to have turned down a hefty sum to ride on AT&T's party boat for Fourth of July festivities in New York harbor. Says his publicist, "I think Michael has something else to do that day." C'mon, he's probably just working on his manuscript.

John Clark Gable, 25, and wife Tracy, 21, have named their new daughter (and first child) Kayley. It's too early to say if she resembles her grandpa Clark. "She doesn't even have any hair yet," says John, a race-car driver who was born four months after his dad's death in 1960. (John's mom, Kay, Gable's fifth wife, died in 1983 of heart disease.)...

If The Colbys' Emma Samms, 25, seemed ecstatic over the engagement ring she received from her live-in boyfriend, caterer David Corwin, 32, it may have been her finest acting job to date: When the custom-made ring didn't arrive in time for him to pop the question, Corwin bought a $1.59 model at an L.A. discount store to tide her over. The two will wed at Christmas time in London.

Fun-loving, royal bride-to-be Sarah Ferguson seems to be handling intrusions from the British press a lot better than Princess Diana did. While on a week-long trip to Antigua, Fergie turned up with pal Florence Belmondo (daughter of French movie idol Jean Paul) at an English pub-style restaurant, which happened to be swarming with the journalists who were stalking her. Fergie playfully sent over flowers to each of their tables, lamenting out loud that she couldn't afford champagne. "I will have to speak to my boss about getting a raise so I can buy it," she told them. Her Fleet Street admirers took the hint and sent over an expensive bottle of bubbly, which earned them a toast from the future princess.

Grace Jones will bare more than her fangs in Vamp, a film in which she plays a stripper-vampire: For one seduction scene she wears just three strategically placed coils. At a postproduction session in a New York sound studio, Grace's clothes kept rustling and interfering with the recording. After five unsuccessful takes, exasperated producer Donald Borchers said in jest, "Grace, take your clothes off." Without hesitation, she doffed everything but her high heels, cooing to Borchers, "Darling, for the producer I would do anything."

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