Picks and Pans Review: Montana Cafe

updated 08/04/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/04/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Hank Williams Jr.

Herewith a compendium of what's good and bad about old Bocephus. On the bright side are tunes such as the proudly exurban celebration of "peace of mind" in the title track and the burly, honky-tonkish pleasure of Country State of Mind. Hank Jr. has enough clout to lure Huey Lewis into singing on You Can't Judge a Book (by Looking at the Cover) and to round up Reba McIntire, Tom Petty, Willie Nelson and the Reverend Ike to do choruses of Hank Sr.'s standard Mind Your Own Business. Williams however can also phone in his performances. That's certainly the effect on Loving Instructor or on a medley of Harvest Moon and St. Louis Blues, which may have been intended to sound casual but just comes off as lackadaisical. Most offensive by far is Fat Friends, a tune written by Williams, Paul Hatfield, Eddie Long and Bill Marshall. Its theme is that attractive women always have ugly friends so it's hard to pick them up in bars. The mere notion of the song is depressing enough; using the word "pig" in this context is low-life ignorant. And now that you mention it, Hank old boy, nobody has mistaken you for Robert Redford or Paul Newman lately, have they? (Warner Bros.)

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