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updated 08/11/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/11/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

If you're wondering what the going rate is for a well-connected viscount interning on the Today show as a royal wedding commentator for three days, the answer is a nifty $25,000. That's how much Princess Diana's younger brother Charles, Viscount Al-thorp, 22 (known to Fleet Street as Champagne Charlie), pocketed for dispensing colorful family trivia during the Prince Andrew-Sarah Ferguson celebrations. (Who says the rich don't get richer?) The handsome viscount, an Oxford graduate, was said to have been enchanted by American television and is eager to do more broadcasting work. Just about everybody gave Althorp high marks. One dissenter, though, was Sarah's father, Maj. Ronald Ferguson. It seems that Althorp claimed that Major Ferguson had, 30 years earlier, proposed to his and Diana's mother, Frances Shand-Kydd, but was turned down. "Absolute rubbish!" Ferguson told a London newspaper. "There was no refusal because I didn't propose." Well, Charlie, if Ferguson is correct, this is what's known in electronic journalism as a major mistake.

It was a stand for privacy that Robert Redford normally might have appreciated, had it not been taken against his own production company. Producer-director Redford planned to shoot The Milagro Bean-field Warm Chimayo, New Mexico's historic Plaza Del Cerro until the people who live there said "No." "The Plaza is not a commercial area. It is where people live. My sister lives in the house I own there," says Harold Martinez, a high school principal and spokesman for the residents. "The people just don't want to put up with the hassles of not only the production but also the tourists it would attract." Milagro is the story of local farmers who stand up to outside land developers.

Sloppy readers of the Washington Post's society page might have passed off the engagement of one Lorraine Martin of McLean, Va. as a case of just another beautiful face. But Martin isn't marrying just any ol' groom. No, she will wed Richard R. Smothers, better known as Dick Smothers, come Sept. 20. Martin, 27, met Smothers, 46, at a party two months ago. "I didn't even know who he was when we were introduced," says Martin. Her mom, Vana, is radiant. "It's been a real whirlwind romance. They haven't taken their eyes off each other since they met." Martin is a corporate art consultant; Smothers owns a California winery. This is his third trip to the altar; he divorced, remarried and then was redivorced from first wife, Linda. Brother Tommy will preside as best man....

Already hitched are Nancy Wilson, 35, lead singer of the rock group Heart, and writer Cameron Crowe, 28, who penned Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The ceremony was held July 27 in Seattle....

In Prague, U.S. Open tennis champion Hana Mandlikova, 24, wed Jan Sedlak, 33, an Australian restaurateur....

Already hatched: Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and model-wife Patti Hansen welcomed Alexandra Nicole, their second daughter, in New York.

Although it chronicles the breakup of Nora Ephron's marriage to Carl Bernstein, Heartburn is a family affair for Meryl Streep as well. While it's been reported that the young actress who plays Streep's daughter Annie is actually Streep's real daughter Willa, 2, what's not known is how hard the filmmakers tried to camouflage the connection. The toddler was billed as Natalie Stern in the credits, and Streep insisted that a stand-in be used for any publicity shots. In any case, daughter—like mother—has gotten solid reviews.

The restaurant business can be hell. Wayne Rogers opened a fancy Hollywood cafe, The Columbia Bar & Grill, and suffered a staggering ground attack. First, Rogers was informed that the valet had locked Sally Field's keys in her car. "Oh no," an employee groaned to Rogers. "The biggest mouth in Hollywood!" Not so fast, it got worse. Rona Barrett, late for a lunch date, couldn't find a valet so she phoned the maître d' for help from her car while circling the block. The second biggest mouth perhaps?

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