Picks and Pans Review: Dr. Ruth's Guide for Married Lovers

updated 08/18/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/18/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

by Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Some might think Dr. Ruth had covered the subject as well as she is likely to in her book Good Sex. But think again! Ha! Terrific! This characteristically chatty book has some specific advice on such subjects as sex on the honeymoon (yes, Santa, there are still virgins) and after a child is born. Most of it, though, is more general advice, delivered in what she acknowledges is her "Grandma Chickensoup" style. She suggests, for instance: "Sometimes a person is separate, needs that feeling of separateness. At those times one's crotch is one's own exclusively!" It's hard to believe she is serious when she suggests that women fantasize that their husbands are ruthless criminals from the 1700s: "He is hiding his dangerous old-time self because he is tired of running from the hangman and he wants to live with you and look after you." It's also worth remembering that Westheimer's doctorate is in education and that she makes no pretense of being engaged in any exact science. What she seems to be driving at, however, is an affectionate openness between lovers—married or otherwise—and it's difficult to argue with that. Or, as she would put it, "Right!" (Warner, $17.95)

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