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Pierce Brosnan
Even though I was startled by Pierce Brosnan's seemingly cavalier attitude toward Remington Steele (PEOPLE, August 11), it was an unpleasant surprise to hear the announcement that Timothy Dalton was chosen to play James Bond. What a shame that the best-looking, most talented candidate was passed over by the foolish movie producers because a TV network got greedy.
Mary W. Schmitt
Washington, D.C.

As one of the faithful loyalists who wrote to protest the cancellation of Remington Steele, I am more than disappointed by Brosnan's derogatory attitude toward the show. It makes me embarrassed to have ever liked him to begin with.
Kathy Ledford
Knoxville, Tenn.

When do the leg chains and handcuffs come off? Remington Steele introduced Pierce Brosnan to us, but do you expect him to play the role until he's 90? The show at best is a shadow of its former self. For the last two years I have been very disappointed in the program's quality. Shoot the show and put it out of its misery. Let Mr. Brosnan graduate because he is the new James Bond! Face it, producer Broccoli, you'll never find anyone more suitable, unless you rehire Sean Connery.
Kimberly Davis

Poor Pierce Brosnan! I am so sick of instant TV "stars" whining about being enslaved by long-running shows. These complete unknowns will sell their souls for a chance to appear on a series. The minute it becomes a hit, they start screaming about the injustice of being tied down by a contract. When will producers learn? If the infant star starts crying, cut him loose. I guarantee you, the viewer won't remember after a few weeks, and he won't care.
Leona Buck
Mt. Vernon, Wash.

I am absolutely sickened by the way NBC is using Pierce Brosnan. After reading that a different actor has been chosen to play James Bond, I can only say everyone will end up the loser. The next 007 film will bomb, Remington Steele will again be canceled, and saddest of all, it will be a long time before Pierce Brosnan will get another break like this in his career.
Denice Prideaux
Missoula, Mont.

Pat Robertson
I never thought I'd see a possible candidate who'd make Ted Kennedy look good. Though I've voted Republican nine times, I'll go for anybody the Democrats put up before I'll support a Jesus freak who thinks he can steer hurricanes from his living room.
Warren Jamison
Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Those of us on "hapless Long Island" are not all that happy with Pat Robertson's ability to divert furious hurricanes away from his Christian Broadcasting Network—with its $190 million a year income—to our backyards. I can only hope that continued national exposure of this Falwell clone causes as much damage to his empire and political machine as his "miraculous" hurricane diversion did to hundreds of thousands of Long Islanders.
Daniel R. Levy
Hauppauge, N.Y.

How much more can we take? We've had a liar, a klutz, a peanut farmer and a has-been actor. Now a preacher wants to be President. No doubt he expects to solve problems with the Soviets by inviting them to a prayer breakfast.
V.M. Grover
Kent, Wash.

What's the big deal about Pat Robertson running for the Presidency? His platform would basically be what President Reagan's was and is. I say if we can't have four more years of President Reagan, then our best bet is President Pat Robertson.
Molly Jenkins
Jacksonville, Fla.

Trent & Debbie Petrie
Having read about Trent Petrie's struggle to survive, I am thankful to have recently been spared such an ordeal. My labor began in the seventh month, but my doctor, through medication, was able to "postpone" my labor for several weeks, thus insuring that my daughter would have a better chance. Many families such as Trent's could have prevented premature births. It was my knowledge of the early signs of prematurity, such as unusual vaginal discharge, that enabled me to reach the hospital in time to halt my labor's progress, even though I had completed the first of the three stages of labor when muscular contractions opened the cervix. Yet doctors often are unwilling to spend time explaining these signs. I am grateful to have had a physician who cared more about my child than about the fees he might collect, and who, despite the derision of his colleagues, continues to fight for infants before they're in trouble. As he states, "there's no safer place than a mother's womb."
Jacqueline Emert
Englishtown, N.J.

Debbie Petrie said she "would like to talk to someone who has been blind from birth and who is making something out of their life." I have a very good friend who has been blind since he was born. He sees shadows only. Now 37, he is a building contractor with a degree in nuclear physics. He does everything from using a table saw to working on a roof. I think the only thing he can't do is drive. He has more ambition and brains than any 10 people I know. He's been denied his sight, but God gave him many, many other gifts to compensate.
Mickey England
Waterbury, Conn.

Regarding the letter from Patricia J. Leadman about Mr. Gorbachev's visit and where she thinks he should go: Shame on you, Pat! Peace was never accomplished through attitudes such as yours. People as biased as you got our world in the mess it is in.
Frances L. Dillingham
Portland, Ore.

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