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updated 09/15/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/15/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Critics seem to be taking Farrah Fawcett's bare-breasted scene in Extremities more seriously than they are the movie. L.A. reviewer Deborah Kunk triggered a spirited debate when she suggested that the breasts were not Farrah originals. Rumors of a body double were vigorously denied by Fawcett's publicist. "Farrah is furious about the rumor," says Andrea Jaffe. "Everything in the film was Farrah with the exception of one fall during a fight scene." Scott Rosenfeld, an assistant to the producer, confirms that there was no stand-in. But there were hard feelings. "Farrah went through hell," says Rosenfeld. "Every day she was beaten up, physically and mentally. She became incredibly tough to deal with. After a while she was convinced the crew hated her." Farrah and co-star James Russo apparently survived 10 weeks off-Broadway in 1983 with Extremities, but not the seven-week movie. "I think the film caused a falling out," says Rosenfeld.

They spent what was to have been their wedding eve at the police station, but ex-NFL star Jim Brown, 50, and Debra Clark, 22, say they still plan to marry. Last Aug. 25 the battered bride-to-be had Brown arrested after he allegedly beat her with his fists. Clark, who had a black eye and bruises, told police that Brown attacked her because he thought she was flirting with other men. Two days later Clark withdrew the charges. "We were back together the same day it happened," says Brown. "It was definitely overdramatized. If a telephone call goes to the police station and they arrive, naturally the media's going to get into it. Basically, we had a lovers' quarrel, and everything is fine now. We haven't set a date yet but it will probably be early next year."

Diane Keaton will star in United Artists' Baby Boom, playing a career woman who suddenly must raise a relative's baby....

At last, a movie that may explain the rise of MTV: Remote Control, due out early next year, features Matt Dillon's brother, Kevin, Meg Tilly's sister, Jennifer, and former soaper Deborah (All My Children) Goodrich as teens who discover that alien life forms are sending videocassettes to earth and taking over our minds.

Hollywood activist Ed Asner has walked away with the role of the season—Santa Claus in Disney's A Christmas Star. Asner will play a convict who escapes from prison in a Santa suit, is sheltered by some children and eventually—no surprise here—learns the meaning of Christmas. Will Asner politicize Saint Nick? "Come on," he says with a beefy grin. "You're looking at Santa Claus here."

Poor Boy George. He's been busted, bedraggled in the press and now belittled by the American Comedy Network, a parody group out of Bridgeport, Conn. The group has concocted a radio spot, which is getting national play, about a fictitious new record called Hooked on George. A phony announcer urges listeners to pick up the "detoxifying" new album, which is "shooting up the charts." A voice continues: "You always knew his music was junky....

Now he is too." The bogus Boy George sings I'll Shoot Up for Ya, then segues into Do You Really Want to Bust Me? The record winds up with a takeoff of Boy's 1984 single, The War Song: "Smack is stupid/ And drugs are stupid/ I am stupid/ 'Cause I'm an addict."

Two daytime soap stars won't be needing any additional exposure. Karen (Capitol) Kelly and Ken (Days of Our Lives) Jezek were sunning themselves on Malibu Beach when a police officer found Jezek's string bikini too revealing and Kelly's language unappealing. After Jezek was cited for public nudity, Kelly told the officer what she thought of the summons. Those choice words resulted in a ticket for profanity. "Ken's buns were showing," says Kelly's agent, Allen Goldstein. "It's legal for a woman, but not a man." Tune in Sept. 23 when the two get their day in court.

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