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Frank Sinatra
After reading the two excerpts from Kitty Kelley's unauthorized biography (PEOPLE, Sept. 15 and 22), I have but one piece of advice for Ronnie and Nancy. I hope the next time Frank comes calling, Nancy has the courage to "Just Say No!"
Stephanie Meyers
Woodbridge, Va.

I find the man more fascinating than ever. To have carried on so much and still have found the time to build a successful empire and career simultaneously—he must be one hell of a man. More power to you, Mr. Sinatra.
Diana Richards
New Castle, Pa.

If Kitty Kelley is still breathing after her revelations about Sinatra, the stories about his close ties to the Mafia can be dismissed.
Donn Selhorn
Ridgewood, N.J.

Earl Blackwell, the founder and chairman of Celebrity Service Inc., is often confused with "Mr. Blackwell," the Hollywood designer, which was the case in your recent excerpt from the Sinatra biography.
Vine Phoenix
Assistant to Earl Blackwell
New York City

We regret the error.—ED.

Claude Dallas
I regret that a magazine as careful with its facts as PEOPLE has chosen to report that "the Dallas killings were just another firefight in the ongoing civil war between antithetical value systems in the changing West." Please, don't lay that heavy pop-sociology on us poor Westerners. The Dallas killings were symbolic of nothing. They were cold-blooded murders committed by a sociopathic butcher who lived for the joy of killing animals and never had a fair fight in his life.
Jack Olsen
Bainbridge Island, Wash.

Jack Olsen is the author of Give a Boy a Gun, an account of the Claude Dallas killings.—ED.

I was disappointed by your glorification of the art of trapping. Millions of wild animals are tortured yearly in steel-jaw traps. The lucky ones are found quickly by the trapper and put out of their agony. The unlucky suffer a slow death as they are held captive by the metal jaws—unless they chew off their own feet to free themselves. This cruel practice should be stopped, not applauded as a great American tradition.
Greta L. Mohon
Norman, Okla.

Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand calls the Republicans rich?! How ever did she buy a 40-acre "ranch" in Malibu? With chopped liver?
Jody Hillger
Chicago, Ill.

I never had much use for tinsel-land, the ethics and the integrity of the so-called Hollywood stars, but Barbra's confessions of the heart should open up a whole new field of fans for her.
Jeanne F. Stough
Boerne, Texas

Harry Claiborne
Damn right that federal judge Harry Claiborne should "assuage the public feeling" that he shouldn't be drawing his salary in prison. It is the public that is paying him that $78,000 salary.
Lonna Kincaid
San Antonio, Texas

Bill Cox
Bill Cox, Rock Hudson or any other as-yet-to-be disclosed celebrity notwithstanding, there is a very big difference between them and the children or blood transfusion recipients who contract AIDS not because they chose to live a perverted way of life but because someone else did.
Patricia Arline Murphy
Grand Rapids, Mich.

This is not to criticize your story on Bill Cox's poignant situation and his brave action in response to his illness. However it seems to me that in lieu of Trouble, a more appropriate category for your story would have been Courage.
Michael J. Harris
Silver Spring, Md.

Mayflower Madam
Three long years it took me to satisfy the Mayflower Society that I was a descendant of Thomas Rogers. Then shortly after being accepted, I picked up the paper and found that the "Mayflower Madam" is also one of Tom's descendants. Well, that's one way of finding a new cousin.
Loring T. Briggs
Onancock, Va.

My "mom" and "dad" read to me the story about Toby the mutt carrying money to the bank. I think I can beat that one. When my mom goes to the delicatessen to buy my dad's lunch, I carry the sandwich (hot or cold) back to my dad's shop without even taking a bite. Sometimes that is real tough.
Mikki Fregeau (a shepherd mixed with husky)
Loleta, Calif.

Carol Sasaki
I also took high school equivalency exams after dropping out of school at 15 to have a baby. My daughter is now 10 years old and I am working toward an accounting degree at Northwestern University. Welfare mothers need someone like Mrs. Sasaki to help them realize it's possible to do anything you really want for yourself. I would like to make a donation to her cause.
Michelle Roark
Chicago, Ill.

Donations may be sent to:
Box 621
Pullman, Wash. 99163

James Russo
The revelation of my being an only child was not amusing to my two brothers, Daniel, 42, and Thomas, 40, who were here long before I popped out. Please publish my letter, or my mother and brothers will stop speaking to me.
James Russo
Rome, Italy

Sorry, and it wasn't his fault, Mrs. Russo.—ED.

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