Picks and Pans Review: Landing on Water

updated 10/13/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/13/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Neil Young

Young might have been better off hiring a shrink to listen to all the self-pitying nonsense he tries to pass off as songs on this album. His titles suggest his one-note mood: Hard Luck Stories, I Got a Problem, Violent Side, Pressure, Weight of the World and Bad News Beat. Actually, Weight of the World is relatively positive, but then Touch the Night, which sounds innocuous, is about a highway accident. (Touch the Night is dramatized in a video that is grisly and vulgar even by MTV standards.) It would be comforting to think that Young was only satirizing this narcissistic attitude. His lyrics, however, are hardly funny: "Here comes the night/ Here comes the anger/ Hidden so deep inside/ No one can see." It doesn't help that Young's singing is so awful. He sounds like an eighth grader and a wimpy, not very musical eighth grader at that. The only lyric that deserves to be taken seriously is in Hippie Dream: "Take my advice/ Don't listen to me." (Geffen)

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