Picks and Pans Review: Wine Colored Roses

updated 10/20/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/20/1986 AT 01:00 AM EDT

George Jones

As a much-scarred veteran of the romantic front, and indeed one who has been accused of a war crime or two in that area, old George has more than earned the title of de facto singer laureate of separation and divorce. This LP is full of some terrific songs on the subject, most notably Damon Black's Don't Leave Without Taking Your Silver ("You left it right here in my hair") and the exquisitely rueful You Never Looked That Good When You Were Mine by Bob Morrison and Johnny MacRae, done as a duet with the very lively-sounding Patti Page, whose presence is a pleasant surprise. If Jones walked into any self-respecting voice teacher's office tomorrow to ask for lessons, he'd probably be dispatched immediately to the nearest school for truck drivers, but he's really a peerless country singer. Every note seems to squeeze out a drop of blood, or wine, and sometimes both. And lest we think George is just a gloomy cuss, this album does have one felicitous song about the possibilities of doing better next time—Dennis Knutson's and A.L. "Doodle" Owens' composition The Right Left Hand: "I put a golden band on the right left hand this time/ And the right left hand put a golden band on mine." (Epic)

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