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updated 12/08/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/08/1986 AT 01:00 AM EST

Marc Schreuder, found guilty of shooting and killing his grandfather in 1978 at the insistence of his mother, Manhattan socialite Frances Bradshaw, is not without some manners. Schreuder, 25, played host in jail to Doug (On Golden Pond) McKeon, 20, who'll star as Schreuder in the January CBS movie At Mother's Request. Now in a Utah prison, Schreuder told McKeon that if and when he's paroled he hopes to get as far away from the state and his mother as possible. Besides talk of crime and punishment, the two yuppie-age men chatted about the stock market. Schreuder, in fact, gave McKeon a tip. "He told me to invest in platinum," says McKeon.

Princess Di's dashing younger brother, Viscount Charles Althorp, 22, has nailed down some elusive subjects for his debut as a Today show correspondent in February. Althorp, an Oxford grad, delivered some good dish for Today as a guest commentator for Prince Andrew's wedding. This time out, he's doing a segment on the young men who would be king: Prince Phillip, 26, of Belgium, Prince Hiro, 26, grandson of Emperor Hirohito of Japan, and Reza Pahlavi, 26-year-old son of the late Shah of Iran.

Barbara (Dallas) Carrera gets grilled at the stake in Burnin' Love, a spoof on witchcraft, but she's lucky compared with Cher in The Witches of Eastwick. According to Jules Sylvester of Reptile Rentals, Cher had to play a bedroom scene with 1,250 nonvenomous live snakes as co-stars. Sylvester was the guy who had to pour the snakes onto Cher's bed before the scene. Cher's reaction? "I've never worked with an actress who was so tolerant of snakes," says Sylvester. But not that tolerant. She worried that the snakes might crawl under her nightgown (they didn't) and insisted that rubber snakes be used on the floor so she wouldn't step on real ones.

Paparazzo David Elkouby's snapshots of Wham!'s George Michael could cost as much as $10 million. In a civil suit filed in L.A., Elkouby claims that after photographing the singer in August 1985, Michael's bodyguard, Peter Gauchi, held him in a choke grasp and then shoved him down an up escalator at L.A. Airport. Michael stands liable for any monetary settlement, but he may get off for a song. When the rock star delivered his deposition, Elkouby's attorney Gilbert Azafrani—an aspiring pop singer—ended the meeting by pressing a cassette copy of a tune he wrote into Michael's hands.

In off-Broadway's Chili Queen, the hijacking of a fast-food stand in Texas results in a media blitz. The playwright uses the uptown voices of Jim Lehrer and Robert MacNeil to give the offstage news reports. That's probably because the playwright is Lehrer, 52, who is billing himself as "America's oldest living pew playwright."

Justice may be arriving in the world at last. Lovely Kelly (Woman in Red) Le Brock, who is five months' pregnant, and fianceé Steve Siegel are saying that if their Aries-to-be is a boy they will name him Justice. Two days after the baby's scheduled birth, Le Brock will go back to work to star in Out, the story of a woman who adds deformities to her perfect features to test her husband's love. "This movie will finally show how ugly I can be," said Le Brock.

We can't tell you much about why they did it, but we can certainly tell you what they ate after they did it. In a ceremony that surprised everybody but the principals, Steve Martin, 41, and British actress Victoria (All of Me) Tennant, 36, married in Rome on Nov. 20. The lovebirds spent their wedding night in one of the penthouse suites of the five-star Hassler Hotel. They dined alone in the hotel restaurant, with a sweeping view of the city. He wore a dark blue suit; the bride wore an elegant black dress. They both had seafood salad; then he enjoyed steak Diane while she had pepper steak, with a seltzer water chaser and some Italian red wine. Later it was coffee for two. Just think of how much they saved on a caterer!

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