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Cary Grant
Thank you for the cover and such a beautiful story about Cary Grant (PEOPLE, Dec. 15). He was indeed a handsome actor who gave us much pleasure over the years with his many films. I had the great pleasure to see him in person in his "A Conversation with Cary Grant" here in Sarasota. He was charming and witty. He truly will be missed.
Geraldine Johnson
Longboat Key, Fla.

It is a shame that writer Brad Darrach would ruin an otherwise well written article by calling Davenport, Iowa "an unglamorous burg." I was born and raised in the Davenport area and take offense at his statement about my hometown. For those of you not familiar with the area, it is in the "Heartland of America." It offers as many attractions as larger cities such as Chicago or New York, but on a smaller scale—with a grade of A+ for friendliness. I think his next assignment should be sitting in a cornfield for three months reporting on the sounds of growing stalks and the music they can make to the "ears."
Ron Rhodes

I am writing to let you know that out of the barrage of mail you are receiving from angry citizens of Davenport, Iowa, I am one person from this "unglamorous burg" who is on your side. I know you were not insulting the people of this city, you were only pointing out how ironic it was for a man of Mr. Grant's magnitude to pass on in a small Iowa town. Under these circumstances, I have to agree that "unglamorous burg" is a fair description for my hometown.
Debra Southworth
Davenport, Iowa

Our apologies for offending the citizens of Davenport. It was a stupid editorial oversight.—ED.

Paula and Larry Mick
As a mother I can certainly understand the basic right and/or need of children to be reunited with their biological parents. However, in my opinion, Mrs. Cooper is not acting in the best interest of her children. Considering the traumas that they have already endured, how can she force yet another upon them? Now that they have found love and security with their new mom and dad, I find it appalling that anyone could even consider taking that away from them. I think it's time that people start to base their decisions on the real needs of these, our precious and sensitive children and not on emotional impulses.
Joanne M. Toback
Mission Viejo, Calif.

What is wrong with our society and judicial system when we allow five innocent children to be abused physically and mentally, put them in a loving foster home where they are happy, only to return them perhaps to more abuse or worse? These five children love their foster parents. The system should not be allowed to play Russian roulette with children. Why does it take a shattered life or the death of a child to make us realize that some people have no right to have children?
Helena Varney Trainer
North Ridgeville, Ohio

Speaking as a mother myself, if Karen Cooper really loves her children, she will let them stay with the Micks. Just giving birth to a child does not make someone a good mother.
Karen Tepley
Gig Harbor, Wash.

Gen. Eva Burrows
As an 18-year-old Salvationist, and a daughter of officer parents, I often find myself discouraged by the narrow view people have about the Salvation Army. Growing up, I remember how kids used to make fun of me at school because of my parents' job and how much it hurt to hear people laugh when I told them that my place of worship was the Salvation Army. Even famous people have made fun of our bands, uniforms and Christmas kettles, all of which are extremely vital aspects of the Army's ministry. Thank you, PEOPLE, for writing such a positive article about our new leader, Gen. Eva Burrows, and for revealing aspects of the Army that most people don't know exist. After reading your pages, I find myself prouder than ever of my Salvation Army heritage.
Ronalee Bawden
Santa Cruz, Calif.

College Racism
If Major General Grimsley Jr., president of the Citadel, is seriously concerned about racism on his campus, he should consider more creative solutions to the problem than 50-minute marching tours. How will this promote better relations between races? Relevant community service or discussions with black leaders about minority problems with follow-up class presentations would teach the cross-burning cadets a lot more than a lifetime of marching tours.
Beverly Posa
Gainesville, Fla.

Your focus on Ohio State University unfairly indicts an institution that is among the nation's most aggressive in seeking to attract and provide a supportive environment for minority students, that initiated divestment of South African stock long before most institutions thought about it, has more black Ph.D. alumni than most American universities and in all ways continues to strive for equality, respect and opportunity for minorities. As part of American society we share in its problems. No one would deny individual incidents of racism, which we deplore and do not tolerate, but we also are taking the lead in finding solutions.
Edward H. Jennings
Ohio State University

Jimmy Breslin
Jimmy Breslin's People airs at midnight in our town. Most nights I have to stand in front of the set in order to stay awake until midnight. What's wrong with the network? Why do they bury Breslin and subject us to prime-time rubbish like The Newlywed Game?
Judith Dunlap
Sandwich, N.H.

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