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updated 01/12/1987 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/12/1987 AT 01:00 AM EST

Next month the city of Hollywood, which began as a 120-acre citrus ranch, celebrates its 100th birthday. That's right: 100 years of great movies, great stars, great gossip and stale popcorn. In recognition of Hollywood's centennial, we want to know what you think about the town, its glamorous inhabitants, the films, the hoopla and even Jack Nicholson's leer. Tear out these pages and, by Jan. 12, send your answers to PEOPLE Poll, P.O. Box 3185, Steinway Station, Long Island City, N.Y. 11103. The results will appear in our Feb. 9 issue.

Who is the greatest male movie star of all time?

The greatest female movie star of all time?

What is your all-time favorite movie?

What movie made you cry the most?

Which contemporary male film star would you consider a good role model for your children?

Which female star?

Who's the most overrated movie actor today?

The most overrated movie actress?

Rank the following professions from 1 to 10 in order of trustworthiness (with 1 as most trusted):

Teacher ( )
Doctor ( )
Sales rep ( )
Elected official!( )
Corporation president ( )
Journalist ( )
Lawyer ( )
Aerobics instructor ( )
Private detective ( )
Movie star ( )

Which of today's movie stars is most likely to be around 20 years from now?

Which is least likely to be?

Today's stars are better-looking than stars 40 years ago.
True False

Today's stars are smarter than stars 40 years ago.
True False

Today's stars dress better than stars 40 years ago.
True False

Today's stars have bigger egos than stars 40 years ago.
True False

Today's stars have had more plastic surgery than stars 40 years ago.
True False

Compared to 25 years ago, movies today are generally:
Better Worse Same

Should black-and-white movies be "colorized"?
Yes No

What is the main reason that you go to a movie? (check one)

The stars
Critic's choice
Story sounds appealing
Friend's recommendation
Movie advertisements
Free parking

What drives you the craziest in movie theaters? (check one)

Late arrivals
Watching the people in front of you make out
People putting their feet on chairs
Noisy candy wrappers

Where do you see most movies for the first time?

Cable TV
Network TV

Have you ever gotten lost in a multiplex cinema?
Yes No

What do you miss most at the movies? (circle three)

1) Cartoons
2) Short subjects
3) Double features
4) Shoot-'em-up Westerns
5) Esther Williams-style swimming pics
6) Prison movies
7) Gangster movies
8) Beach party movies
9) Religious epics
10) Sentimental musicals

Could John Wayne whip Sylvester Stallone?
Yes No

Could Madonna steal a man from Lana Turner?
Yes No

Is Jack Nicholson scarier than Peter Lorre?
Yes No

Could Clint Eastwood outdraw Hopalong Cassidy?
Yes No

Does Sean Penn want to be alone more than Greta Garbo?
Yes No

Could Harrison Ford out-swashbuckle Errol Flynn?
Yes No

Did Marlon Brando look better in a leather jacket than Tom Cruise?
Yes No

Could Barbra Streisand out-sing Judy Garland?
Yes No

Could Betty Grable fill out a pair of fishnet stockings better than Jamie Lee Curtis?
Yes No

Did Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan look better swinging on a vine than Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas?
Yes No

If they made a movie of your life, what star should play you?

If you could step out of your life and into a movie, which one would it be?

Which movie star would you most like to trade places with in real life?

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