updated 01/19/1987 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/19/1987 AT 01:00 AM EST

WE'VE GOT HIS NUMBER: Even without saying so officially, former Colorado Senator Gary Hart seemed to be spelling out his presidential aspirations more and more. In Denver the man whom Tip O'Neill calls the Democratic front-runner has set up a presidential exploratory committee at 1600 Downing Street, an amalgamation of two of the world's most famous power addresses: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and 10 Downing Street. In case that's too subtle, try out his committee's phone number: It ends in the digits 1-9-8-8. Get the message?

WAIST NOT: After all the grief the Duchess of York got for what many perceived to be a weight problem, the scales of Justice have tipped—nearly over. A poll in a British fitness-and-diet magazine, Slimming, may be thanked. Answering questions about their female ideal, Slimming's readers liked Victoria Principal's overall figure best (although Londoners preferred Joan Collins') and considered Diana, Princess of Wales, best dressed, ahead of Joan, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne, Nancy Reagan and, way down in 16th place, Fergie. Di also copped best face by a nose, but with Fergie right behind. Ah, but it's not over till the fat lady sings. Fergie came in a head ahead of Di for best hair and then, in a major upset, landed up on top when Slimming's readers were asked to choose which royal figure they preferred. Fergie's size 12 (size 10 by U.S. measurements) won out 58 to 33 percent over Di's size 10. Apparently, stouthearted Britons find Di, once a cinch in this event, just too skinny now, and the new, reduced (some say by as much as 20 lbs.) Fergie just right.

NOT A VERY SLY CAREER MOVE: When casting the lead in 1973's No Place To Hide, recently retitled Rebel, Hollywood producer-director Robert Schnitzer almost hired a young unknown comic named Richard Pryor. "He was always being funny," says Schnitzer, "but the part was a serious one, so I couldn't use him." Instead he gave the big break to another unknown, though these days his choice would seem even less appropriate for the role of a war protester: Sylvester Stallone. That's okay. Nothing tops Schnitzer's next decision about Stallone's career. Still grateful for the Rebel role, Sly brought Schnitzer the script of Rocky before others saw it. Schnitzer turned it down: didn't think there'd be any interest in a boxing picture. "I made a mistake," he says. Now there's an understatement.

AMAZON GRACE: Vinnie Vincent Invasion, the rock group whose premiere LP is one of the fastest-selling debuts in the history of red hot Chrysalis Records, is accepting applications for the first all-woman road crew in music history. Requirements: that the females be photogenic, sociable, have musical experience, know electronics—and be able to lift heavy weights. "The experts tell us it can't be done," says Vinnie Vincent, 29, former Kiss guitarist. "They say there aren't enough technically experienced women out there." Apparently the experts aren't wired in: The band has received more than 1,800 applications, some from professional musicians. Why the manless mandate, anyway? "Every invasion," proclaims Vincent, "should have its Amazon army."

HE'S THE SPITTING IMAGE OF A JOCK: His team's loss to Penn State in the college championship game notwithstanding, Heisman Trophy winner Vinny Testaverde, throughout the season, passed with flying colors. And all along, University of Miami's winning and winsome quarterback was portrayed in the press as nice, polite—just about perfect—in addition to being the odds-on favorite to become the top pro draft pick. Still, Vinny admits to a flaw. "I'm not perfect," insists the 23-year-old star. "I don't want to be perfect. Only God's perfect." Pressed further, Testaverde reveals his singular fault. "I spit," he confesses. "I won't spit in front of girls or ladies. I'll spit on a football field." And also tear it up.

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