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Oprah Winfrey
I'm addicted to Oprah Winfrey's show (PEOPLE, Jan. 12). It is refreshing to read about someone who admits to being human. Oprah is a beautiful person who has taken what God gave her and made the best out of it. My only regret is that her program is aired only for an hour a day, not two.
Valerie Powell
Leavenworth, Kans.

As a large woman myself, I was shocked by the supposedly sensitive Oprah Winfrey's cruel, vicious remarks about fat people. It's truly sad that her self-hatred causes her to put down her "overweight" viewers. She seems to be saying "See, I'm not really a fat person; I make fun of them too." If only Oprah would stop complaining and accept herself as she is, she could show the world that a large woman can be attractive and successful. As it is now, she is worse for our self-esteem than any Vogue model could ever be.
Joan Spencer
Ardmore, Pa.

Come on, who are you kidding? Winfrey weighs 190 pounds and takes a size 14 dress? I am 5'7", weigh 135 pounds, take a size 14, and there is absolutely no way another 55 pounds could be put in one of my dresses.
Marie Miller
Maple Shade, N.J.

I am 5'7", weigh 160 and my size 14 clothes are getting very tight. So, come on, what size does Oprah really wear?
Laurie C. Hunt
Simi Valley, Calif.

Oprah replies: "God blessed me with a great structure, just a little too much of it. And if you don't believe me, ask the folks at Anne Klein."

Never have I read a statement that upset me more than the one made by Oprah Winfrey. She stated, "I think a lot of confusion and guilt (from the child's sexual abuse) comes to the child because it does feel good." Having been a victim of sexual abuse for 15 years of my childhood, I am outraged by her comment. How dare she make a statement of such generality implying that children enjoy the "sexual" act. If she did live through such abuse and enjoyed the "attention" she received, that is her business. Based on her opinion, one might also think she believes the reason for confusion and guilt in rape victims is because it "feels good."
Name and Address

Mikowski Family
I read with fascination your article on the Mikowskis. As the mother of merely two, I am pleased to see that there are those out there who still possess the courage, honesty and determination to pursue not only the Great American Dream, the Great American Hamburger or the Great American Novel but the Great American Family.
Melissa A. Taylor
Yarmouth, Maine

Shame on you for devoting eight pages to romanticize the Mikowski family. For any couple to now choose to have so many children, when the world is already teeming with 6 billion people, is not only selfish but irresponsible and dangerous. Couples like the Mikowskis have no regard for the future of their country nor the world. The choices they have made will diminish the quality of life not only for their children and grandchildren but for all those who inhabit the earth.
Marcia Katuin
Pocatello, Idaho

I am also one of 15 children (with the same parents), now aged 37 to 19. But at one time our family picture looked very much the same as the Mikowski's. Many a time people would stare at our brood and wonder if our parents were nuts. Our family has grown to include 20 grandchildren, yet we will always look back at the times when we crowded around the table for dinner or into the living room for television or into our extended station wagon (four doors on each side) with great fondness and love. We may have been crowded growing up, but we were never without a friend or playmate. Our lives are richer for the experience.
Elizabeth Sgambati
Mechanicville, N.Y.

Roswell Gilbert
Maybe the judge and prosecuting attorney at the Roswell Gilbert trial should have to experience what he did—watching someone they love very much suffer with pain every day. Maybe then they would come to understand the word "compassion."
Rebecca L. Young
Gaithersburg, Md.

Your story about Roswell Gilbert touched me deeply. Only someone who has gone through the agony he has can know how he felt and what may have driven him to such a desperate act of love and mercy. My mother died of complications of Alzheimer's disease in October. The last few months of her life were filled with pleas to her children and other caretakers to please let her die. Other times, she would look right through me and scream that I was not her child. Only someone who has experienced these things and other horrors can know how this makes you feel. My heart goes out to Mr. Gilbert and his daughter, who has suffered two terrible losses—her mother to the most hideous of diseases and her father to our wonderful justice system.
Mary Jane Ritz
Carmel, Ind.

Picks & Pans
It was with pride that we read your review of Lady and the Tramp. The voice of the tramp was done by my wife's uncle Larry (known to us as Larry Salters). Larry's career in show business was not as prolific as he would have wanted. However, your good review of his performance would have been the highlight of his career. Unfortunately, Larry passed away yesterday in New York City. He never got to read your review. But on behalf of all of those who knew and loved Uncle Larry, thanks for a wonderful epitaph.
Robert Irmas
Agoura Hills, Calif.

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