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Huey Lewis
Hats off to you! Your article on Huey Lewis (PEOPLE, Jan. 19) was as unique as it was interesting. Huey is my all-time favorite entertainer and you did him justice. Just when you think you know it all, PEOPLE comes along. Thanks again.
Brandi L. Dunham
Wichita, Kans.

I like Huey Lewis not only because of his great music, but also because of his clean-cut image, which proves to us teenagers of today that you can be very successful by just being yourself.
Kelly White
Anaheim Hills, Calif.

As a mother of two young children, I am proud that their idol is Huey Lewis. He is every mother's dream of a rock star. I don't have to worry about my son piercing his ears or wanting to borrow my eye shadow.
Linda Johnson
San Antonio

Jim McMahon
Thanks for writing the article about Jim McMahon. He is a cool guy and deserves a complimentary article like yours rather than the deprecating ones that are so often written about him. I really enjoyed the change.
Cass S. Gunther
New York City

Please spare me! I have a hard time feeling sorry for Jim McMahon, and being from Virginia, I was elated when the Redskins beat the Bears in the playoffs. He's not the first quarterback in history to sustain injuries, and he sure as heck won't be the last. Look at it this way: Take off the shades, thank Taco Bell and your fans and hope to see the Redskins in '88.
Maria P. Brown
Hayes, Va.

Yarima and Ken Good
One can't help but wonder why a man with an appreciation of the tribe's primitive society would do such a thing as to take Yarima away from her home and life as she knew it? Too bad Mr. Good could not have found in his heart love enough to let her remain in her own element and be herself. I hope that Yarima can adjust and be as happy here in our urban jungle as she was at home.
Gina Drake
Beachwood, Ohio

Howard Hesseman
In your article on Howard Hesseman, one of the picture captions was in error. You say that of the WKRP cast only Hesseman and Loni Anderson have remained in the public eye. Have you forgotten Tim Reid? He was Venus Flytrap on WKRP. For the last four years we have watched him faithfully every week as Downtown Brown, a regular in the cast of Simon & Simon. Shame on you. You owe Tim an apology.
Karen Howard
La Mirada, Calif.

Sorry, Tim.—ED.

Richard Dean Anderson
I was very pleased to see this talented man has his feet planted on the ground. His sense of humor, kindness, gentleness, strength and respect for other people makes the MacGyver character appealing.
Sandra L. Mussehl

At last, an adventure show where the hero carries a Swiss Army knife instead of a gun. Three cheers for MacGyver.
Al and Celeste Mendoza
San Diego

Picks & Pans
Ralph Novak's comparison of Alabama to TV dinners is ludicrous, but since he has chosen to make such a meaningless comparison, I would simply like to say that when Alabama is "cooking," they are very, very exciting and enjoyable, much more so than any TV dinner.
Joyce K. Johnson
Colorado Springs

Ralph Novak, your Picks & Pans review of Alabama's The Touch album stinks. I've been listening to the "guys from Alabama" for 10 years and will greatly enjoy hearing them for another 10. Maybe when you sing on a country album we can all judge your talent. Until then, I suggest that you keep a cap on your pen and a TV dinner in your mouth.
Cathy Curran
Portland, Ore.

If you've never been moved by Alabama you must be dead or comatose. I hope you're around in 50 years to eat your words, Mr. Novak.
Laurel Bandy
Stephenville, Texas

Why shouldn't Shirley MacLaine tell us about her fascinating delve into reincarnation? Why shouldn't she relate her intriguing and eerie experiences with the "other side"? After reading Jeff Jarvis' angry critique of Out on a Limb, I can only conclude one thing: Metaphysics scares the pants off him.
Cory Laughlin
Escondido, Calif.

Never an F for Shirley MacLaine—positive, energetic, refreshing and inspiring. An F instead to Jeff Jarvis—negative, depressing, unimaginative and close minded!
Marion M. Myers
Pacific Palisades, Calif.

I was surprised to see no mention of Willem Dafoe's intensely moving performance in Scot Haller's review of Platoon. Dafoe's role was no bit part and he was integrally involved in the incident that led (in part) to the film's finale. To borrow a line from Jeff Jarvis...Grade: Incomplete.
Dr. Kathi Meininger

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