Faye & Terry Have Dunaway with Living Together

updated 03/09/1987 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/09/1987 AT 01:00 AM EST

Nobody's saying it's over over. It just appears to be over. Faye Dunaway and her husband, photographer Terry O'Neill, are living and working some 6,000 miles apart: she in Los Angeles, he in London. Actually, they haven't lived together since November, which could be taken as a bad sign. Another bad sign was the recent photograph in London's Daily Express of Terry with 22-year-old model Emma Goodman. A spokesman for Dunaway points out that the newspaper chose to ignore "three men and an older woman," who were also part of O'Neill's group, while Terry himself doesn't seem particularly concerned about extraneous folks, saying, "Yes, there was something in the paper, but what they didn't know was that we've been separated for four or five months."

While O'Neill, 48, pursues his photographic trade mainly in London, Dunaway, 46, is shooting her first movie in three years, Barfly. With her on the West Coast is son Liam, 7, the only product of her seven-year marriage to O'Neill. Dunaway refuses to comment on the separation, but her spokesman (who has asked not to be named) couldn't say enough about the bi-continental living arrangements. "It's not really a split-up," he begins. "They were together for many years. Terry is English and has his career there. Faye wanted to come back to America to get her career going again here. She did pictures in Europe for many years and was on the stage in the West End of London, but before Christmas, she encountered a time in her life that required a decision. They are not divorced. They obviously are not together. They're just seeing how this works. Who knows what will happen?"

Got it? That's why movie stars hire spokespeople: They help shed light on some of life's little mysteries.

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